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  1. same problem. u need to restart pc over and over again everytime the game crashes. they really suck. just wtf!
  2. yeah. just what are they trying to do? my game crashed doin' SSP today and when I loggin in says the game is already running? just what in the hell reason would they hide client.exe in task manager, how are we suppose to play with this stupid thing? restart computer over and over again everytime it crashes?. just why. don't annoy people with this ncccsofft. gzz
  3. Suddenly my game crashed. I logged in again and now sayin' the process is already running. how am I suppose to play this damn game. most stupid update. stupid ncccsoofft. also the client disable others keys and the client.exe is hidden. dafuq? stop releasing stupid patch if it's buggy and crap.
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