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  1. Those are completely different games with completely different playstyles / designs. You simply cannot compare them to blade and soul as each game is made differently and progress is intended to go a certain route. If you would be BiS geared in under 4 months in blade and soul it would completely make any effort you put in worthless and gear would have 0 value. Also players aren't discouraged by the gearing or game basics but by a lot of other things. Also FYI: Does not matter who your post is intended to, if you post it on a public forum, anyone can answer. If you want t
  2. They cant do that and they cannot disclose it, its not something they choose, its actually mandated by law. If they would do such a privacy breach it would be a huge law suit.
  3. Now to remember: if you have premium membership, you get free 20 stamps per month from the hongmoon store 😛
  4. Idk, personally i like these icons better, they simplistic. the others were kinds ...meh in my opinion. But it all depends who likes what.
  5. Why 2 when you need 3 accessories from the dungeon? It kind of makes no sense at all...You expect people to grind silly till they get a drop for that one last accessory despite them having 300 runs? I did 378 runs and never saw the chest with accessory drop...
  6. When you hover over the item it will tell you. Typically outfits that can be mailed have "bound to account" on it and then under it it says how many stamps are needed to mail it. Press F3, try searching for the wings in the wardrobe and even if you don't have them you can still see the tooltip for them.
  7. If you or any other tank have issues holding aggro, they are doing something incredibly wrong and should not be playing a tank. A good tank has no issues holding aggro against high DPS, even when he is undergeared. Arena is all about wintrading. That is all. Faction systems are a relic of old times and should just be removed. The problem here is NC never enforced proper faction balancing so people just joined the more populated faction. I do not have these issues. Because opening a new server would be a bad
  8. Soul Arena is a solo instance where you fight Iron Conqueror from SK
  9. Personally they should implement dungeon scaling based on players in the party.
  10. There is no "account stash". If you want to swap them between characters, at best you might need the outfit tickets to mail it over to an alt if the costume allows it. You should be able to see it in the wardrobe under F3.
  11. The way it sounds is that you do not seem to know the proper mechanics of the boss and that is why you have troubles clearing it.
  12. I agree with you, but there are also those players that don't want to spend more time in hard modes, especially if the drop rate is bad and you have to do hundreds of runs. either way people will do them because they have to.
  13. That's because you did it wrong. You don't checkmark the box next to the bundle in received items, you simply leave that unchecked and right click on the item on the right you want to take out and it will only take out that specific item. They refused your request because that was not a bug or problem but...well ...your own fault lol.
  14. Have you tried doing a scan files on the nclauncher? Seems you are missing a lot of game files.
  15. If the audio device issue isn't helping try one of the below: 1. Check and turn off Windows FTH 2. Add the game folder as exception to your antivirus / windows defender 3. Depending on the video card you have make sure its set to use your actual video card in amd / nvidia control panel instead of integrated one.
  16. Grimzy

    DX11 error

    While GTX260 supports DX11, it only supports feature level of 10_0. Anyway, try uninstalling your current drivers for it and download and install an older driver version. Might want to try version: 355.98, cause never drivers have some issues with it, at least according to some friends.
  17. This sounds like you have an issue with your drivers. Games generally do not cause Pc crashes themselves. they happen if something isn't right with a component of your pc like video card , sound card etc. I would advise you to reinstall your video card and mother board drivers and check if the issue still happens. Also use a monitoring tool to check your temperatures.
  18. are you sure you weren't just too close to it?
  19. @Draknalor Is that vanilla gameplay? Have you tried with the standard UE4 engine.ini configs that for example turn off UI particles and so on? If you didn't, you might want to try it , should let you squeeze some more FPs out of it.
  20. Would help if you post the error message.
  21. if the weapon is stage 3/6/9 you can seal it with sealing fragments and sent it to an alt. It resets your sockets tho.
  22. It has 0 to do with simping for a company but simple facts. Since the engine upgrade the game runs much much better and I do not have these issues, and I am running a 2080 Super. So instead of insulting, you should check your system which I am 100% sure is bottlenecking the performance in your game, because i know for a fact people with much worse hardware get more FPS than you. It is easy to blame everything else but not your own system for issues.
  23. it is literally the same just without the need of feeding exp. So it is much simpler now as you don't need tons of useless fodder to upgrade.
  24. I think you can buy it from Jynsourei in mushin tower for some cores if I remember good.
  25. The weapon still follows the exact same path. the only difference is the exp to feed to it was removed and only the stage breakthroughs are there ( which was the exact same thing with the original hongmoon weapon upgrades, breakthroughs also needed a weapon + mats to be evolved). Nothing changed in that regard. The only difference is that gear will drop pre-upgraded with randomzied stats in the future. Its always bene this way. Most players don't bother with F8 and just create parties on the server or discord with guild members. This might have changed a bit now
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