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  1. Mabye premium spots are only for premium members. I have premium and i receive 2x item and there was info that i sohould get ony 1x.
  2. According to: Complete One Round Collect the reward and then make a full rotation of the board (collecting a Loyalty Insignia on the way) and return to your current spot (reward is not doubled). I want to inform you that you get your reward doubled. http://imgur.com/a/OBHIi
  3. That is why i'm here and asking if this is true lmao @Zuzu
  4. I watchet it on his stream so have no link.
  5. Streamer that cooperate with NCsoft and got informations from them.
  6. Hay, i have question about this. I'm playing everyday, work hard and trying to upgrada my weapons ect. Now i found information that you guys have briliant idea to give "new", "awsome", "exciting", "great" weapon. I thought, great! But i found that this weapon will not be next upgrade after legendary weapon only separated line of weapons that will be better then legendary. Sorry but are you ******* kidding me? Please tell me that this is a joke, and nothing like this will appear in game.
  7. I'm looking for something like this http://www.inmatesgaming.com/silverfrost-weapon.html but in new version with new patch discount. Do someone have all stage costs for next patch?
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