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  1. hi my in game name is evotame
  2. I am a tera player and yes its real close but I love it
  3. I made one and it looks like a normal human
  4. Weapon progression system?

    I made a weapon evolution vid its somewhere on the forum I wish I could of lock it so that it is easy to access
  5. Master Looting Exploit

    it is very strange that it don't have that option that not fair
  6. nice thanks kitty I only started playing the English server lastnight I use to play the Japanese server
  7. leveling 37 - 41

    I also got a post on refining gens and gold making and soul shield
  8. leveling 37 - 41

    he only did the high xp quest the ones that give a lot of xp but I just wanted to put it up he did it in a less than a week
  9. Leveling tips

    I am sorry is this video is crap so sorry
  10. Leveling tips

    if this not helping look for the other guilds on level ing I made