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  1. Fairy Tale ~ or the Reality within

    (~All similarities with Reality are wanted and based on hard Facts ~) ((~Nevertheless this has to be declared as Fairy Tale because of its incredibel and fantastic Content~)) Once upon a Time.... (((~to Keep it simple, the writer of this Story used only simple Tags to tell~))) Keep it real! 1. ...There was a Blademaster 2. He reached to be on top of aaaallll PVP-Ladders (ok not on top of all, since he was realistic, but Gold Rank at least :D ) 3. He soon figured out, that this was no simple task 4. He bought a new stereo-System, sounden Rocky 4 Soundtrack and trainend hard as hell 5. He trained some more 6. Like a looooot more 7. Really!! Just believe me when i tell you this! 8. ..incredible 6 hours a day tbh 9. Then the succes startet to follow the hard work 10. He climbed up to 1598 Elo 11. And then: there it was, the deciding battle, he was ready to earn what he sew, the fruit was ripe 12. .... Long Story Short - his enemy was a summoner - Gold RANK - the blademaster couldnt even get him beyond 60 % 13. This cycle happend for another 5 times 14. Rage came up 15. BUT NO - he rememberd a Thing an old and whise Person had told him: TRAIN HARD, and you can achieve EVERYTHING 16. SO Rocky 4 it was again (unfortunately it was 2am and the neigbhour had to work next day so he got like really salty) 17. Well despite of all ( and with a Headset for the Sound) The BM trained some more 18. He learned combos 19. atched like all the videos out in the nether (Jaesung, Hisan, Distraction,Blizzia,Gwen, Praise the sun, OgameChannel, TaeGeun etc etc etc just to Name a few) ty so much guys 20.Trained with friends to analyzie enemyclass combat style 21. AND THEN HE REACHED THE GOAL - GOLD RANK ( i know ist just Gold-Rank you haters ;D ) 22.After screaming, and running wild in his apartement (and another salty neighboor-visit bec. it was 3pm) he rememberd all the summoners he had to face 23. around 300 hours of pvp-gameplay as BM and like 30% of all enemys were summoners? 24. As you can imagine - he got like reeeaaaallly curious 25. he made a summoner ~NO THINGS RAN REEEEEAAAALLLLY FAST- that even strikes down on the writingstyle some more~~ 2 hours of GP .... reached lvl 15....... logged in to Arena Lobby ...... made a 8win-streak (without any understanding of his own skills except of what he analyzed before as a BM and the 2 hours before)... against lvl 35 to 45. ..... made some losses as well but like once out of 10. ...... reached Goldrank with Level 17......... He couldnt believe it........and then there was silence...... kinda not healthy one..... then a sudden morbid giggle came out..... and then there was silence again --- The Moral ---- PLAY SUMMONERS ist much better for your NEIGHBOUR-Relationship THE END PS: Any further conclusions are impossible because of the ailing mental healt of the writer - the neighbour never heard of him since either - he might be gone for good
  2. I mained BM, am I screwed?

    But you wont find any way! I invested now about 200 hours in BM pvp, read guides, watched Videos and trainend like *cricket*ing crazy ass, at 45 i got Gold with lots of sweat, now im stuck around elo 1500, i guess ist really hard playing BM so yeah, maybe in a year or two im up for it....
  3. Still no solution in this case!?
  4. I am just annoyed!

    Insane is the absolut correct Expression in this matter, i even got angry like i last was as a Little kid ;D
  5. I am just annoyed!

    I am glad im not the only one experiencing strange Things !
  6. I am just annoyed!

    In most of MMOs i played i haven't these problems. Stop making excuses please. NOW we are exactly on the Point my dear!!!!! I Actually blew up 2.5keuro for a new PC so you might now unterstand my inconvenience with this matter???
  7. I am just annoyed!

    Ok, i got you - TOPIC CLOSED -
  8. I am just annoyed!

    Ahh know i got you, and yes, indeed!
  9. I am just annoyed!

    Hahaha i like you :D i guess you allways find anything to disassemble other peoples opinions and thoughts. In this case i hope your girlfriend is very understandebla! To come back to Facts: YEAH actually i do - so why do you ask? I know my english isnt that good but normally People can read what i write. If you just answered my Topic to make my day even worse - congrats you achieved! As people with understanding for each other and some love - maybe - ,like johnyw some Replys before, we should take care of each other. I am deeply sorry for you, that you didnt figuered out, that i just wrote this, to share some of my disappointment with the community bec. at a certain Point the Level of Frustration was just to much for me to handle myself. So you see - aside from my opinion, that something isnt right in the scripts of this game- i just wanted to get some relieve in sharing my Frustration. I hope you can feel the meaning behind those words and if not just let it be. I guess i am allready over it at this Point - you see - so no Need for any further disasembling of my worth as a human beeing with Feelings, thoughts and emotions as any other. take care
  10. I am just annoyed!

    Nope i dont, bute "any game" includes any game as a matter of fact. But i am comparing this to Fallout 4 and GTA5 as you can see above, and yeah my machine is quiet the highendproduct so i guess i thought it should be possible to play a game such as BnS.
  11. I am just annoyed!

    Well i played Wordl of Warcraft for like 10 years (sometimes more, sometimes less) but i NEVER had bad experiences in that Kind of way. But you may be right and this world is just a cruel *cricket* even ingame, ------> so were am i suppose to hide from reality now ????? PLS tell me!
  12. I am just annoyed!

    Thank you - ist indeed painfull, since i really love this MMO for lots of reasons!!
  13. I am just annoyed!

    Thanks for your answer. I realize, thats now even worse, but i got this Troubles since i reached Level 40, more or less..
  14. I am just annoyed!

    Dear BnS Team I know, there might be other threads like this one but i dont care. At the Moment i just have to write my Anger down. Please tell me: How am I supposed to play endgame-Content with this lags, Spikes, CPU-killing Performance of yours? I invested so much time and even Money in this game just to realize, that i have to play with 25 fps in tricky bossfight. Result: I am totally useless and this game is unplayable for me..... I forgott to mention, that i lowered graphic Settings completely with absolutely no effect. Guys i play Fallout 4 and and GT5 at the same time with my Computer. I am just really F.... UP right now and i feel kinda punkend! I know this is not changeing anything but my Anger getting smaller. TY
  15. How are you supposed to beat a Summoner

    Just AFK the Battles against Summoner until they fixed it!