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  1. Damn, but I only have free 80GB of 240GB SSD. It costs bns ue3 and Windows 10. Besides ue3, there is nothing to delete .... We'll have to wait and then delete and download ...😪
  2. Guys, what's wrong with the site? I cannot contact those support. When I click on "Submit a Ticket", it simply transfers me to the account page https://account.ncsoft.com/settings/index. And when you try to contact via the chat on the site with the orange "Help 'button, the screenshot is not loaded, an error appears. Without the screenshot, there is also an error" There was an error processing your request. Please try again later. BNS " And how to get technical support? Is there at least an address that I would write to the mail about my problem? I have not found any addresses on t
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