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  1. 13 1v1 matches within an hour and 4 of them had cheaters who weren't even attempting to be subtle about it. Forreal? I'd LOVE to report them, NCSoft, but because I'm a low ranking scrub I can't even see their names unless I'm bordering gold or higher. And a name is needed to even send in a report. It'd be such a small change... just... seriously.... allow people to see enemy player names at all times / ranks in the arena. It just makes no sense when we can at higher ranks, but not lower ranks. There's not even any legitimate excuse to justify that.
  2. You missed the point. I was literally doing ALL of this. Half way through the fight I just stopped cause I wanted to see what'd happen. Doesn't make me a good person, sure, but I learned what I wanted to know.
  3. So I'm sitting there going over the brain dead mechanics of Umbral Lord in gloomdross... my party - of course - refuses to even discuss who would lure him or who'd CC him to stop his 4-hit nuke before jumping. No, no, no. They just shout "GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!" Mid way through the fight of doing literally all the mechanics for them (soul fighter double back step and being the tank made it so nice), I just said screw it and decided to see what'd happen if I stopped. They just kept brute forcing him, letting the wraiths feed him. The ONLY mechanic they kept up with was CC
  4. There's nothing special about MSP. Just kill everything that moves. That's literally all there is to it.
  5. They could've held off on it and requested the patch with the dungeons that do drop the soul shields we can salvage for purple crystals then. They basically just did a copy paste which, in this case, is not okay for efficiency. I never said anything about the legendary shields being necessary anyways. Full 8-piece set is the current end-game now but good old skill still compliments far more than stats do. Also... I wish I was exaggerating. I WISH I was. Maybe I'll start recording matches where Warlocks wantonly soul burn multiple times in a single match (under the super long coold
  6. Except we don't deserve compensation. Just an explaination that's less obscure / vague than "We're working on the problem. Sorry guys!"
  7. Game is more toxic than league. If you don't have at least 700 AP you can't run any dungeon but Blackram Narrows or you'll get griefed and probably reported for griefing (yes this is how dumb players are now). PvP is completely dominated by script kiddies. (speed hackers (mostly in SSP), players with scripts letting them Glide forever, players with infinite focus scripts, very rarely players that walk into arena with their equipment still in effect, players with no cooldown scripts (ever seen warlocks soulburn multiple times in succession? lol) and etc...). Speaking of
  8. Must finally be crashing down from all the script users.
  9. Your bread and butter spell is 1. Your best combo is 1. Your best CC is 1. Your strongest attack is 1. If you aren't spamming the ever living crap out of 1. You're doing something wrong.
  10. When Warlocks say they need buffs right now. Now I'm absolutely 100% sure most of the players using them are criminally insane.
  11. Doesn't change the fact that it's pretty blatantly an exploit and as such makes it an unfair advantage.
  12. An undisputably OP class doing something this easy. Woooow.
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