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  1. Is there a Manual Patch? Error again.

    Same for you too sir?
  2. i got this error tsk plus the download not good from 200+kbps goin to 700bytes then it will go high again then low vice versa. PS: When i am logging-in i always need to put a code that they've sent in my email.
  3. Help stuck 85bytes at launcher

    2hrs ago i can play this game like couple of times, but then i tried to rest for a while then back again to play i'm stuck at 85bytes. I already put them at firewall exemption>restart then tried again but no luck.
  4. Thank you very much sir. Up for this.
  5. I am downloading this game for about 3 days now my net is good and i'm downloading it too at midnight but look the speed so sad + when i try to wake up at 4 a.m this error came up. Thank you very very very much if there's someone who will upload it on any uploading sites like dev,megasync, torrent etc..
  6. i am encountering that error too. i'm losing hope now.
  7. [Need] Full Client BnS

    Up for this. I got update error cannot download file again but i continue to DL it, but my problem is i tried to DL it in midnight when i'm sleeping my net is ok and no one is using the wifi, tried to DL some files to check if the speed is ok but it is ok then downloading time and look at the speed so sad. :(
  8. [Need] Full Client BnS

    Here sir.
  9. [Need] Full Client BnS

    Hi is there someone who uploaded the full client at any uploading/downloading sites like Torrent,mega, devhost etc....Can you shre it to me guys coz I am having trouble downloading the game. Thanks.