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  1. I played SSP with even sides. It's a freaking nightmare. No thanks. Minor faction has no clue how poorly designed SSP is for competitive play. Do the smart thing, join the major faction and stick to the actual PVP modes.
  2. Really annoying that this bug lasted this long. I really think it needs a higher priority towards fixing.
  3. You do realize that the necklace is basically worthless. You have to use the jewels to upgrade it into the oath necklace for it to be useful. The jewels right now are 20g a pop and you need several tens of them to get to stage 10. My suggestion only flips the two. You buy necklace and farm the jewels, rather than buy jewels and farm necklace.
  4. And instead have the Jewels only drop from Desolate Tomb at a minimum bid of 20g. 1. Makes farming the dungeon worthwhile. 2. re-distributes wealth among players. 3. Provides a slow and incremental process for upgrading your item.
  5. What? The name is irrelevant. Business Casual is supposed to have a red and black suit for male characters. Just like the Korean/Taiwan versions. Not white.
  6. Strictly Business and Business Casual have the exact same mesh for male characters. Which doesn't make any sense. I checked the wardrobe for both Taiwan and Korea clients and Business Casual doesn't exist anywhere. Instead they have "Worker Enthusiasm"(열정의 회사원) which has the proper red and black version for both sexes. Did Alan upload the wrong files for Business Casual?
  7. Well think of the worst possible AFK'er. I need to find what specific evidence is required for NCsoft to take action. Whether its video evidence, specific chat entries or screenshots. Unless they incorporate some kind of in-game reprimand or kicking, people will continue to abuse it knowing nothing will ever happen to their account.
  8. Are there particular pieces of data required? If so, what's sufficient enough that would guarantee action be taken against this player's account?
  9. It gets better. They're over 200 outfits and accessories more on the way and a lot of them looks really good. The current crop looks lazy, but after playing the Taiwan client, I'm hopeful.
  10. It's only matter of time before community figure out way to circumvent pick checks. *cough*cough* Bur rather than take away profiles for 2+ months again, just give us a method to report inappropriate profiles and let your GMs handle it. I know its an increased workload, but understand that the vast majority of people that actually set a profile do so discreetly. Why punish everyone for the misdeeds of a small minority?
  11. Best hairstyle in the game! I wish more hairstyles were available in game. Even the existing ones as an equip-able item would be great.
  12. You misunderstand. I'm not talking about the absolute minimum that changes with exchange. NCsoft uses their own algorithm to determine the absolute minimum based on various factors (potentially frequency, quantity, etc). Right now it's 1:41. I'm talking about the slight increase in minimum that occurs when you sell more than 1g: 1g = 1:41 ratio 2g = 1:41.5 ratio 1000g = 1:42 ratio. Compared to the market place, prices are dictated by supply and demand. However the penalty for selling bundles occur at the sellers end by increased register fees per
  13. The minimum price for gold increases with the amount of gold sold. i.e. One gold for 41 NC vs 2 gold for 41.2+ NC. This gives single gold purchases an unfair advantage over buying in bulk and makes it harder for players to sell competitively. As a buyer, why would I ever buy more than 1g at a time when I will always get the lowest price? If there was one standard minimum for every quantity, it will reduce a lot of the clutter on the exchange. It should be more like the Marketplace, where the seller is penalized for bundles and not the buyer.
  14. People still have to buy NCoin for others to obtain Hcoins so you would still get profit. Putting them on HM coin tab will allow people who don't have credit cards or can't buy from the store to now be able to buy them. Not enough people do Nightshade to obtain the Dark Pirate Weapon Box in a reasonable manner (it only drops off MM and low chance to get) and pirate Bracelet / Siren Belt drop rates have been massively nerfed since the 4man merger. Basically, we're forced to use these tokens to obtain gear where as they were reasonably obtainable before the patch.
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