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  1. Not many players...

    So you get ads for BnS if you already know about BnS or have searched for it? lol working as intended?
  2. Not many players...

    This sucks :(
  3. Not many players...

    What is NCsoft doing to attract more players to this game?
  4. Looooong loading screens

    Only this MMO, out of the ones I play, suffers from really long loading screens. I hate swapping characters to jump on alts becaue of 20 seconds loading screens to swap out from one character and then 20 secs swap to another. Also, it takes pretty long to login into the game.
  5. Jiangshi means Vampire

    Well, my Chinese friend said it means vampire. I guess it could mean both.
  6. Jiangshi means Vampire

    Jiangshi means Vampire in Chinese. I just found out :O I didn't know that. I thought Jiangshi was some ghost or some kind of Asian folklore phantom.
  7. Pay and soul? Which direction is NA taking

    Interesting, I didn't know about this. Hory sheet.
  8. Delevelling in arena-your opinion?

  9. Delevelling in arena-your opinion?

  10. So I've noticed some good players making delevelling lobbies in Arena to get easy wins against bronze/silver ranked players. I was absolutely smashed by really pro players at low arena rank. What is your opinion on this practice?
  11. Vote for Warlock Summon Skins!

    Was thinking more like: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs47/f/2009/232/3/d/Incubus_by_Maevachan.jpg
  12. Vote for Warlock Summon Skins!

    I want an incubus. I actually might play a warlock then.
  13. maint will be long so..post ur music

  14. Sorry, I meant to quote another player, not you. I actually totally get what you are saying.
  15. @ kv2004 And you don't see the problem that lvl50 skillbook available to lvl45 who either need to be rich/lucky in game or rich irl to get the gold for it ingame? To me it looks like a p2win trick from NCsoft. Majority of warlocks will not have this book.