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  1. So you get ads for BnS if you already know about BnS or have searched for it? lol working as intended?
  2. What is NCsoft doing to attract more players to this game?
  3. Only this MMO, out of the ones I play, suffers from really long loading screens. I hate swapping characters to jump on alts becaue of 20 seconds loading screens to swap out from one character and then 20 secs swap to another. Also, it takes pretty long to login into the game.
  4. Sorry, I meant to quote another player, not you. I actually totally get what you are saying.
  5. @ kv2004 And you don't see the problem that lvl50 skillbook available to lvl45 who either need to be rich/lucky in game or rich irl to get the gold for it ingame? To me it looks like a p2win trick from NCsoft. Majority of warlocks will not have this book.
  6. But you need the item to be decent. Imho skills shouldn't be rare drops, they should be very available. What should be in cash shop is: costumes, XP boosts, race changes, mounts, pets, exclusive hair and such.
  7. There are a lot of rich players playing this game. In my years of playing MMOs I've get general managers, lawers, businesmen etc... who all had no problem spening $1000 on in game stuff because it's nothing for them.
  8. Gold only gets you 30 ss. Diamond gets you 50. And if you are really great in pvp you can easily reach highest levels of tag and get many rank bonus extra beans. So money are fast. Honestly, I doubt how you went upgraded to awakened pirate in 1 week, I've been playing for a month and only got 2 items upgraded to Siren. You must have been lucky with drops.
  9. I actually in a way agree with OP. To me this game feels borderline p2w. You need a sub to get anywhere. Then you either need to be really godly in pvp and earn a tonn of beans to sell soulstones or grind all the dailies you can get, do the professions, run 4 man for a very long time to upgrade your gear to true pirate and get all the skills you want. Or you could spend irl money to get ingame gold fast and upgrade everything to true pirate, buy end tree skills, and feel godly. Oh and if you want to draft costumes u need to buy cash shop costumes to get fabric.
  10. They want their traps lol. Also too late to be concerned, there's already a sexy black lingerie skirt outfit that works for all males.
  11. I feel like you aren't fully realizing what kind of game you are playing. This game is all sorts of weird and sexy outfits is the norm here. Maybe you could try Christianrpgonline or something like this. I'm joking, ofcourse, but just saiyan.
  12. Like 80% of them aren't available here
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