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  1. Money spent on trove: 0 Money spent on F10: 0 Money spent on subscription: 0 ...since the grand orb heist. Normally I would have bought a subscription when trove ended and daily dash came back. I would've bought a few octa gem bundles and spruced up my alts a bit. But I didn't. Why? There's this lingering resentment over what I perceive as unfair treatment. Some awful new idle animations I can't remove or rollback. There's a server merge incoming and who knows what kind of technical (and other) issues that will bring about. All this put together really doesn't
  2. Although the request for a larger blocklist above was rudely phrased, the suggestion itself has merit. I joined an English server with the expectation that I could communicate with people using English. I'm sure it's the same for German people who joined Eisenherz and French who joined Naksun. This isn't going to be good for anyone. Actually, nevermind. They'll all go Crimson anyway and Ceru chat will remain its weird self.
  3. The whole point of open-world PvP is to provide geared and/or skilled players the amusement of slaughtering helpless newbies. Whether the lambs are led to the slaughter through the lure of rewards, some obnoxious roadblock (breakthrough mat, main quest stop etc.) or sheer surprise matters not. It's not a design flaw or a mistake. It's intentional. Koreans love this kind of thing, apparently.
  4. It's really puzzling from any perspective I can imagine. What were they thinking would happen with this event after the grand orb heist they pulled? NC Suit 1: "Okay, so. First we wipe out all the white orbs they've gathered. One copper each should be just the right amount to spit in their eyes. You know, really drive the message home. Everyone who still plays the game at this point must be a hardcore maso. Trust me, they'll love it. Just look how much the trove is raking in no matter what we do." NC Suit 2: "Are you sure about this? I mean, they've hoarded that stuff f
  5. One of BnS's selling points is ambience: it looks interesting, different, exotic. Although there's some futuristic stuff in the form of ancient Naryu tech and modern research related to it, all of that fits the setting. It's all good and high fantasy wuxia. You know what DOESN'T fit the setting? My Warden picking up her greatsword to air guitar a chi-infused solo or something. I'm having trouble finding the words to express just how outrageously stupid that idle animation is. Pants-on-head retarded? Utterly idiotic? In terms of ambience, it's like ordering spaghetti and meatballs b
  6. Not good enough. This is not something you, as a company, can simply shrug off with "oops, we'll try not to do it again." The impact is too big, affecting too many players. It's been my observation that (Korean) MMO devs/publishers can be very arrogant and callous toward their (western) customers. They expect us to eat up whatever crap sandwich they feel like serving. Here some valuable resources are being reduced to one copper each. For no good reason, even. There's no good reason to change the old items into new items and antiquate the old ones, if their function remains the same
  7. There is one concern related to accessories I haven't seen addressed anywhere: breakthrough items from old dungeons. Skybreak Spire accessories and Tiger/Dragon bracelets require the Oblivion line items from Desolate Tomb and Ebondrake Citadel, and finding groups for these dungeons has become very dicey since they were removed from daily challenge rotation. Being stuck with the "wrong" spec because accessories can't be upgraded to the required stage for switching would be unacceptable. The way I see it, there are a few options on how to handle this. Simplest would be to
  8. Delaying bugged/unbalanced/unpolished content until it can be sorted out in Korea is the right decision. Skill system is not something to be messed around with lightly, since it affects every BnS player. Not just some bugged boss or wonky mechanic. As for the halloween event, NCWest's response was a pleasant surprise. They listened to feedback and changed exactly what needed to be changed to turn the event from borderline unplayable to very much worthwhile. I've saved so much gold with the element and jewel drops and the gem hammers will be stashed for future use. People call out b
  9. This event is good on paper, sucks sweaty donkey nuts in practice. Using an old daily area with temporarily boosted mobs for an event? Good idea. In practice, the combat XP they give is so ridiculously trivial that it makes no difference even with stacked XP boosts. My main would need about four hundred thousand (400,000) kills to get to next HM level from farming these things. And they drop less than ten copper each. In about half an hour of mobbing I got two drops of thriller coins. No matter how I look at it, farming Zaiwei Ruins mobs makes no sense in terms of rewards.
  10. +9001 Weapon illusion chests should be account bound, no reason not to be. That bundle with a bunch of materials you wanted for something else? Yeah, enjoy the character bound stuff too.
  11. Like the OP, I started in early 2016 and quit in part because PvP became effectively mandatory. First 45 levels of "No problem if you don't want to do the Blue vs Red thing" and then "Surprise! No more progress for you!" in the form of Misty Woods breakthrough items. Running alts through Tomb of Exiles for 10 soulstones each daily and buying the rest would've been fine with me... but breakthrough materials behind a faction wall was a big NOPE. BnS is a much better game now than it was back in 2016, or 2017 when I tried it again briefly. The roaming bot hordes are gone, the server i
  12. Thanks for the insight. Stocking up on freebies while figuring out what's what is how I've been going at it so far. Which leads to another question: what should I buy with farming alts' ice pellets to best help gear a main in the future?
  13. This is my second week back and I don't feel like ragequitting yet, so a few re-newbie questions are in order... in no particular order. Can premium subscribers switch off the extra visuals for windwalk? I'm kind of on the fence about subbing, but I really don't consider extra visual noise to be any kind of benefit. Quite the opposite. Do the premium monthly outfit stamps stay stashed if they're not used, or do they expire/vanish when subscription ends? What am I supposed to do after the story? Farm Celestial Basin until the heat death of the universe? Thoug
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