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  1. Hi, I would like to join. My IGN is Ashe Lýnx. I also joined Discord c:
  2. Yes, of course. Come join our Discord (http://discord.gg/TzQVKCu) and tag any of the online people there for an invite ^_^
  3. Few questions after returning

    You can get them from the Dragon Express, on the last tab, in your inventory (the fifth icon on the bottom) You will need to do dailies and weeklies so you could get the Upgrade Emblems, which are the event tokens. Event ends on October 17. If you're a new player, you can get free tokens from Act 5, 6, and 7.
  4. We're open for recruits. If you'd like to join the clan, kindly join our Discord server! http://discord.gg/TzQVKCu
  5. New Player Looking for Clan

    Hey, if any of you here are still looking for a clan, I'd suggest trying out Louyang. We have our own website you can check out as well = https://louyang.leprd.space
  6. Hi there! Not sure if you're already in clan or not yet, or still looking for one but we can make slots any day. You can always join us in our Discord!
  7. Hello! My name is Jaz and I'm offering chibi art! My IGN is Shoneko and I'm from server NA - Zulia. If you're from EU server however, I apologise but unless you have a way to send the payment, I won't take any requests from your server ^^; I WILL DRAW Girls/Boys Cat/Dog/Animal Ears Chibis Fanart I WILL NOT DRAW Ecchi Porn Mecha Furry / Anthros Realism Basically anything other than my style PRICES ++Chibi (per character) = 150 Gold -------- additional 100G if you want to add another character TERMS OF SERVICE I have the right to decline any commissions if I am not comfortable with doing your requests. Commissions generally take around 1-3 days, I will generally notify you if commissions shall be delayed. COMMISSIONS ARE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY! For commercial use please contact me and I will negotiate a special price. I will provide a draft before coloring the sketch, for finalisation. I normally upload your commissions on my social media (just for advertising purposes) if you’d like me not to post it, I’ll be sure to ask you beforehand whenever I finish your commission. For more inquiries, please contact me in Discord: JazD801#7349 Thank you and have a nice day!
  8. Zulia- Crimson has a new competitive clan ^^

    Good luck on your clan!
  9. Level 20 with a profaned????

    Apparently you can farm Profane weapon (For Gunners ONLY) with your level 50 and mail it as sealed to your lowbie gunner alt since the weapon can be used from level 20.