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  1. > Louyang | Crimson Faction

    I may start to become less active in the forum but the link to our Discord server will always be there and open for people who wanna join our fam. If you have Twitter account, you may as well follow the clan twitter (@bns_Louyang) or my personal (@jazd801) for quicker response if ever you have questions!! - Jazzy (Clan Advisor)
  2. LF Active Family-like Clan

    Hi. Would you like to check out Louyang clan?
  3. > Louyang | Crimson Faction

    Aye sorry for the late reply. As for your question, we dont really have a set timezone but we use UTC whenever we organize 12-man raids. Since we have members who are all over the continent, we make do with whoever are online on the time. If you want to ask stuff directly, you can stop by our Discord server o/
  4. [Suggestion]Inactive Account Name Wipes

    I'd probably cry if I had a one year break from the game because life and then decides to come back only to have my account removed D; Why not make your name add ALT coded letters. For example, if you want Yuki name then make it like this Yükí https://tools.oratory.com/altcodes.html
  5. Better contact BNS support about it then. Might have missed something.
  6. Try checking in-game once server's up if you got the package items, tho. Or you can try sending support an email about it?
  7. Oh. I thought you made a whole new separate account from your BM. My bad ; ; The serial code might have already been expired.
  8. newbie and Lost Continent Pack?

    Lost Continent Pack registration has already expired, unfortunately. The last day for registration was before December 1 ; ;
  9. Which account did you activated it on? EDIT: Probably your old one which is the BM one?
  10. Returning Player

    IDK what gears you have on your BM. But if you wanna farm for the pinnacle accessory set on your BM, they're easy to get if you don't mind spamming multiple dungeon runs for them. Not sure if those upgrading mats will still be rewarded from story quests after the maintenance, but I think you'd still get Pet Aura, and maybe Hongmoon Square gems around Hongmoon Level 4 or higher... dunno.
  11. Returning Player

    New patch will reward you the Baleful or Seraph weapon of your choice if you complete Act 7 Chapter 1. http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/dawn-of-the-lost-continent-patch-notes/
  12. > Louyang | Crimson Faction

    bump o/
  13. Social Clans

    You should check THIS forum category. It's where people post their (competitive) clan recruitment posts.
  14. Looking to join a crimson clan thats active

    Try Louyang. We're pretty active.