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  1. I think the clan is planning to do TT soon. Not sure though. All I've been seeing is them looking for static VT parties. Well, you can always join the Discord. Louyang is open for any kind of players. You can join the clan discord, if you'd like.
  2. Looking for Friends :>

    Hey, I'm thinking of moving servers from Zulia to Yura, but I won't be moving my characters; I'm making a new one! So I'm here looking for friends or peeps who wanna play with me. My IGN is Rahptalia (yesyesiliketheanimekk) You can also ping me in Discord: JazD801#7349
  3. [LF> Fellow Yura Friends]

    I'm starting a new character in Yura (Rahptalia is my IGN) You can also ping me in Discord: JazD801#7349 o/
  4. New player Starting A Clan

    Ooh I'm interested :> I was thinking of moving servers; I'm currently in Zulia.
  5. nvm

    You can pm me in-game if you'd like, Fuhua Meí (alt+161) or join our server in discord!
  6. nvm

    pls delete
  7. Happy New Year, Louyang! We're still open for new members!
  8. Too bad you're in Yura server. But if you'd like a place to hangout and chat, you can join our clan's discord server = http://discord.gg/TzQVKCu o/
  9. Heya there! If you still havent joined the clan yet, I advise you join the discord (http://discord.gg/TzQVKCu)! See ya there!
  10. Hi, I would like to join. My IGN is Ashe Lýnx. I also joined Discord c:
  11. Yes, of course. Come join our Discord (http://discord.gg/TzQVKCu) and tag any of the online people there for an invite ^_^
  12. Few questions after returning

    You can get them from the Dragon Express, on the last tab, in your inventory (the fifth icon on the bottom) You will need to do dailies and weeklies so you could get the Upgrade Emblems, which are the event tokens. Event ends on October 17. If you're a new player, you can get free tokens from Act 5, 6, and 7.
  13. We're open for recruits. If you'd like to join the clan, kindly join our Discord server! http://discord.gg/TzQVKCu