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  1. Is this just me?? Coz I've tried logging in twice tonight, and I keep getting the same error message. This happens every time I try to select my character and this error pops up, then kicks me outta the game. I got this too yesterday; the game kicks me out every time I change character, like, wtf?? BNS kicked me out maybe 5 times before I could go back to my main character x.x Is this problem with BNS server, or is it with my internet?? Or maybe both??
  2. BRAVO- recruiting clan members😀

    Soooo.... what faction is the clan in? O_O
  3. nvm

    nvm, please delete this mods!
  4. Show off your characters!!

    My Lyn Gunner
  5. Return player question.

    For Premium Membership, they removed the 10 stages to it and the only good feature of it -- the wardrobe (F3), which they finally made it F2P and renamed it as The Showroom. Any player can freely open it now and put whatever free outfits you get from quests or dungeons there anytime, anywhere; they also added new tabs to it, like weapon skins and the pet aura skins. Of course the basic Premium User bonuses are still there as its benefits, the extra % XP bonus and stuff, and the remote storage (opening your secondary storage even in x-server) Personally, I don't think this game is P2W. Pay to Progress, maybe...? But, it depends on you, the player, on how you want to play the game: stay Free to Play or drop some cash to buy some stuff for character progression. I'm a premium user myself, and I do buy my subscriptions sometimes, but because I wanted to open the remote storage, and get extra peaches when I farm for it in Celestial Basin. It all depends on you, really.
  6. Yura´s hair, come back pls

    I have it on my gunner o3o It does look really nice.
  7. It also could mean that you haven't unlocked the pre-req quest for that dungeon or have already done a one-time only run for the day, like Cold Storage and Heaven's Mandate, and you can no longer do it a second time. You can hover over the dungeon's name in the list when you enter a lobby room, and check for the requirements for it (the HM level should be there as well as some items or whatever, afaik)
  8. My game is 65GB and it still requirs updates

    Mine's 40.5 GB and yours is really weird, like wtf 65GB...??
  9. BUMP We're not really recruiting but Louyang is always open for those who needs a clan and wants to meet new friends!
  10. I may start to become less active in the forum but the link to our Discord server will always be there and open for people who wanna join our fam. If you have Twitter account, you may as well follow the clan twitter (@bns_Louyang) or my personal (@jazd801) for quicker response if ever you have questions!! - Jazzy (Clan Advisor)
  11. LF Active Family-like Clan

    Hi. Would you like to check out Louyang clan?
  12. Aye sorry for the late reply. As for your question, we dont really have a set timezone but we use UTC whenever we organize 12-man raids. Since we have members who are all over the continent, we make do with whoever are online on the time. If you want to ask stuff directly, you can stop by our Discord server o/
  13. [Suggestion]Inactive Account Name Wipes

    I'd probably cry if I had a one year break from the game because life and then decides to come back only to have my account removed D; Why not make your name add ALT coded letters. For example, if you want Yuki name then make it like this Yükí https://tools.oratory.com/altcodes.html