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  1. Differences between the two servers?

    All the previous servers, Poharan, Mushin, Iksanun, etc, have been merged into two. This is the result, we have two servers now. I think Yura is more crowded as for Zulia is not so crowded. hmmm
  2. looking for friend

    I guess around 700+?
  3. We're now clan level 8!! And we weeded out the inactives so we have a lot of slots open!
  4. looking for friend

    If youre in Zulia server, I can accompany you. I plan to make a Blade Master.
  5. looking for a clan

    Would you like to try our clan? Louyang clan
  6. I wasted my BUMP! well. Bump!
  7. Finding Clan - Crimson legion

    Come try out Louyang clan.
  8. We just ranked up to level 7! \OwO/ Come, come if you'd like to join us!
  9. a guy looking for a in game boyfriend to enjoy the game with :)

    AAAAHHHHH YAOI MATERIAL!!!! *FANGIRL SCREAMING* Meh. You're adorable indeed ^3^ Hope you get luck on finding your man!
  10. LF Duo Partner

    Hi, if you want a clan, you're always welcome to join our clan in Zulia if you'd like to meet new friends xD But good luck on this! I love my Force Master too much to reroll ;(
  11. Looking for Clan

    Hi! You could try us out in Louyang clan! Everyone's pretty friendly to people who are just still learning about the game. Here's our website for more info: https://bns-louyang.wixsite.com/clan
  12. bloss' commissions ✿

    Thats some gorgeous art!
  13. BUMP! We still have 10 more space in the clan! Hoping to recruit players who are above HM level 8! I added a Discord link for those who wants to talk to any of the veterans and to the leader, in real-time.
  14. Duo looking for active PST guild!

    Uhhhh, you could try us out at Louyang. Everyone has different timezone, though, but two of the seniors are online almost 24/7 (mainly me, and our clan leader) We're in Crimson Faction and our clan has just recently ranked up to level 6. We're still a bit new but we do dungeons together. Here is our website = https://bns-louyang.wixsite.com/clan and our Discord server if you'd like to talk to one of the seniors https://discord.gg/TzQVKCu