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  1. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Well then... I know this has been a problem, but when I have to block over 50 new bots within the time span of 15-20 minutes, I think it might be a bit outta hand. I was blocking and reporting them for a while, but after a small moment of silence, another 3-4 take their place, making this a pointless struggle. I feel that if I wait for some great solution to this problem, it would just result in never playing this game ever again, which would be really unfortunate because I find this game quite fun. Also, a suggestion others may have mentioned. If we're reporting a player as a bot, they should be automatically be added to our own blocked players list (which should be way larger). Again, doesn't solve the problem, but its a band-aid to this gaping wound of a problem. But till there's a better solution, I'll be off this game for a while.