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  1. Show off your characters!!

    Oh my gawd I fell in love! <3_<3
  2. F.A.Q. and more

    Let's try to make a single topic that answers as many questions possible so we can avoid repetitive ones such as: "What's the best Soul Shield?" Add your questions, answers, facts and more, I'll EDIT from time to time. - "What's the best Soul Shield" First, it depends on what you wanna do, Open World PvP or PvE? For PvP, the answer is simple: it's the Moonwater Arena Soul Shield, wich makes you tanky and able to sustain enemy players damage. For PvE, there's currently a debate on a Mixup between 5 Pieces of Endless Tower Sould Shield and 3 Bloodshade Harbor Soul Shield. If you wanna go for an easy way, I suggest you (In my honest opinion) to check this page so you can have your own idea: Endless Tower Soul Shield should be easy to farm and missing important stats can be fused in to power up the shield. - "Fusion? Power up the shield? What's that?" Because many do not know... you can actually buff your Soul Shield parts to make them even stronger by using other Soul Shield parts. For example, an easy way to buff up your critical rate would be to go to E. Supply Chain and Fuse the Green Elite Critical Soul Shield parts with your current one. Warning: Soul Shields of the same Set cannot be Fused. Another thing you may not know, while we're here! - You were probably selling all the Soul Shields and Weapon/Trinkets you were finding right? Well... you should Salvage them... not many knows but Salvaging different type of items may give you different kind of Powders that you may need to buff your Soul Shields and Transmute from a bottom button in the lower part of your inventory. - "How do I get the Moonwater Arena Soul Shield?" (Because its the Soul Shield that everybody get to start, since you need to know Boss patterns... to PvP... to be tanky... because you just hit 45 and you are unaware of many things...) The Moonwater Arena Soul Shield can be bought from your Faction Vendor (Cerulean Order or Crimson Legion) in Mysty Woods. - "How do I get the required Insignas?" At the opposite NPC camp. After spilling some blood from the enemy NPCs, 2 strong Boss Officers will appear nearby, followed by messages and warnings, you can't miss them. Be sure to throw the best skills you've got at both NPC because the quality drops depends on the damage contribution. - "How do I unlock the Mushin Tower?" In Hogshead Hamlet, after the main Storyline, there should be a NPC giving you a Blue Quest called "The Call of the Sages" (or something like that). Once you get this quest open your World Map (M) and check South-West in the sea, you'll see you've unlocked the Mushin Tower Teleport. - "How do I unlock the Bloodshade Harbor Daily Quest?" In Hogshead Pastures, south of Hogshead Hamlet, there is a tent and the name Hogshead Farmfield, there you can find a Blue Quest that asks your to go West, Teleport: Blackram Shipyard. There you can find the physical entrance of Bloodshade Harbor along with the NPC that Unlocks your New Daily Quest. More to come, give me your contribute. You can also use this topic to ask about anything, without making new ones.
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Just the hottest Jin ever.
  4. Silent player in guild

    Im that exact guy, only I have a Clan where Im solo so I don't get bothered with invites. I used to be like them, but since Im a solo player, there's no need for me to stay in a Clan, unless you would like to just have me.
  5. Show off your characters!!

    Cute and nice meat buns.
  6. I've been caught

    I would be more worried if you had a female char with Pure White (in underwear). That would have been a really fk for you.
  7. I love people like you that like to showoff, makes me desire you even more. Im unfortunately in EU but I'll always be glad to see your screens :P (Also no wonder the Black Tigers is your best outfit, it shows the best part I would like to hit)
  8. @Jem can't wait too see you with that in the SYC topic <3 Nope, not tha weapon :P
  9. Dear Blade & Soul Staff

    I can only give you a bright side to look at: You can get everything by yourself or going public. You're not currently Guild dependant, like in may MMOs, like Raiding and such. Its a really good Pro if you ask me, worth some suffering in doing things very slowly.
  10. Show off your characters!!

    moar *_* (I have to kill that guy behind... ';..;')
  11. Outfit wishlist

    Its surely a lovely Gon, because Gons knows best <3
  12. Yelled at FOR tanking!?

    As far I can understand I don't know, I may be a sucking class in PvP, but in PvE as BM, even if Im the only one alive, as long Im able to dodge things I bring down the boss on my own after a while. That's something Im proud of with my class. So i don't know this feeling, the Bosses always go down.
  13. And I didn't get banned!

    Im fk'ed
  14. Show off your characters!!

    Anyway @Jem, can't believe that Lyn iz a male and your Yun(?) itz waifu *_*
  15. First it was the bots ...

    The real deal is when AFK and MasterLooters can't be called out publicly and can grief freely with no consequences.
  16. Show off your characters!!

    Laos-senpi ^_^/
  17. Show off your characters!!

    Yep... with those eyes he's kinda trappy.
  18. Show off your characters!!

    I luvz her <3 *_*
  19. Nice launcher fixing NcSoft! :)

    I had to reinstall the game once, since the game wa sbugged and the File repair was broken... its average.
  20. Show off your characters!!

    BnS > Temptations everyhwere...
  21. > Moonwater Brilliant Key > Marketplace
  22. Got banned this morning. What a joke.

    The thing is I bet that he knew it, but still did it, many and many more times... Its like robbing the same Market over and over.
  23. Got banned this morning. What a joke.

    People that think they're smarter always make a false step.