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  1. moar *_* (I have to kill that guy behind... ';..;')
  2. Its surely a lovely Gon, because Gons knows best <3
  3. Anyway @Jem, can't believe that Lyn iz a male and your Yun(?) itz waifu *_*
  4. Yep... with those eyes he's kinda trappy.
  5. lol Alex you're such a multi-stalker... :P
  6. Evil thoughts came trough my mind in rude mode, couldn't do anything about it u.u @Enamour Black hairs were fine tho.
  7. @Enamour beware of looking too pale and slim. I would fix these two things to start with. @Jem the last image is telling me to grab those horns and... I can't say the rest...
  8. I wonder if you would feel so generous to move that shirt a bit too...
  9. Today I found the Dark Pirate King outfit, I wonder if it suits me better than the Burning Flames: Im also unsure about the Sunglasses, I wonder if Im cooler with or without... seduction is important And while I was there, I made myself a new Wallpaper: Now I just need my personal girls like Hae Mujin
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