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  1. 50% of characters I see on my server are Lyn

    Lyn based characters in this game are creepy... :( Just looks so weird aha
  2. Why is /party chat blocked until 11lvl?

    #logic Also, working as intended ;)
  3. How is Blade Master?

    I used to get so angry and frustrated. My friends would play other classes, and they're all having a blast and I would always notice that I am taking the most damage on the team. I had to rethink how I play, and my combat style. What really gets me is when you use block. When you upgrade your block ability to whatever the upgrade is - while it's amazing because you do a lot of damage to an enemy, you also lose the ability to block EVERYthing. You don't have that 4 second block, you have a "you better hope you timed this right" block. Don't get me wrong, it's very nice upgraded, but if you don't time it properly, you'll block 1 hit and take 3. I'm currently level 27, and I don't feel the need anymore to restart my character, it does get better :)
  4. Issue with gameplay

    Had the same issue. My character will be in the middle of attacking, suddenly stop, stare at the enemy for a good 2-3 seconds - then continue attacking the enemy. It's as if she's met the love of her life on the battle field whom she now has to kill, every single time.
  5. Unlimited Marketplace Sales Please!

    What?? There's an actual limit? Wow lmao
  6. Ok, im done with this game

    It looks cool, and the second closed beta is to be released in February if I remember correctly? The combat looks seriously iffy though, hopefully they fix that soon.
  7. Me using the word double in that statement is not to be taken literally, as focusing on that makes you completely miss the point. Doesn't matter how cheap it is, the fact that you still have to pay real money just to transfer an item that you already paid real money for is completely bull. What other versions are you referring to? Other games by this company, or other outfits? I do apologize, as I am a bit lost there. If you're referring to other versions, as in games by this company, than that is truly disappointing that they have not developed a way to do so without charging additional. I.E. If you're paying additional for a wardrobe option for premium, your wardrobe should allow you to switch between all characters. I would rather no option at all, to be blunt and perfectly honest with you. I would rather sit there, infront of the wheel of fate, and farm to get my outfit once again than drop money into a game with so many issues. I understand that this game is still brand new in the west and obviously there are going to be problems, which is why I am holding back on buying anything.
  8. How is Blade Master?

    I love it. Once you hit level 20, you get some really cool and powerful abilities. Trust me, I was so disappointed at first. Now, I can actually fight and hold my own.
  9. Daily quest limit

    You can't?
  10. Ah HELL naw! You're telling me that I am going to have to PURCHASE an item to allow my other ALREADY PURCHASED item transfer to another character I create? So I have to pay double than what it's worth just to use my sexy outfit on another character? Sweet mother Teresa on the hood of a Mercedes Benz, this is unbelievable.
  11. Unable to View Friends

    Since the 2 patches that came out today, I have been unable to view my friends list. Since this is the bug reporting section, while this is no big deal in regards to some of the other bugs that have recently popped up, still wanted to bring this up.
  12. All my Characters wiped?!?!?!

    Let us know what they say, and what they do about it. I'd like to know how they handle this type of situation. I'd be pissed beyond belief if this happened.
  13. Character slots

    Nope, not unless you pay. There is some in game currency that you can use to unlock a slot without having to pay for it (a Mod posted this in a different post that I was viewing), but I don't know much else about it.
  14. Just wanted to swim....

    Pretty sure that's copper xD
  15. A suggestion

    Once this game gets big here in the West, I can see them making the wardrobe free and just releasing something else to be premium in its place.