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  1. gold spammers

    Could even limit the global chat channels to paying users only. Buy any item from the cash shop, get access. Not a bad idea at this point.
  2. cash items not tradable?fix this crap ncsoft

    I'd assume he has more money than time if he's doing that then. Playing casually with entry level endgame gear I can make around 100k gold per week. A cash-shop costume will typically go for 20-30k gold at most, elite status is around 45k at the moment, premium lootbox (RNG) costumes can sell for 60k, but who knows how many boxes you'd have to open to get one. Hell, you can make 10-20k a week just by logging in and playing for only 15 min a day. Tera prices are high because gold is very easy to earn at 65. I'm not for tradeable cash shop items because I'm cheap, I've dumped a fair bit of cash into Tera, I'm for it because it evens the playing field for everybody.
  3. cash items not tradable?fix this crap ncsoft

    And now we've gone full circle. If you get no advantage from items, making them tradeable wouldn't make it pay to win. The only thing that's expensive on Tera are the cosmetics from the cash shop, and things that would have been expensive with or without tradeable cash shop items. Yeah, you can sell cash shop items for a good chunk of gold, but the amount of cash you'd need to throw down to have any actual advantage is rather absurd when you can earn gold easy enough to get the same things. All that has happened on Tera is free players have the ability to get some of the paid perks if they work at it. It means more money for the publisher from people selling items for gold, meaning a longer life for the game.
  4. cash items not tradable?fix this crap ncsoft

    Actually becomes the opposite. Locking items behind premium currency makes it pay to win as only those who can pay receive these items. Making them tradeable makes it fair game to everybody else. As long as there are no gold exploits, the economy will be fine. You say this is the reason Tera is "screwed up", but anything that's been changed balance and gameplay-wise is on Bluehole, En Masse makes the cash shop decisions for NA and those really don't change anything. Sure, a lot of cash shop stuff is sold for what seems like absurd amounts when you're new and leveling for the first time, but entry level endgame content pays more than well enough for you to save up for items in no time at all. Isn't limiting items to paying players only, the definition of pay to win?
  5. cash items not tradable?fix this crap ncsoft

    This is one of the things I loved about Tera. All cash shop items with the exception of account-wide unlocks were tradeable, and could be sold to other players for gold on the in-game trade broker, meaning you could buy any cash shop items without spending. Tera's doing just fine with this system, people have to buy the items that get sold on the auction, and players who buy with gold typically wouldn't be spending anyway.
  6. gold spammers

    By VPN detection I mean block users who are using one.
  7. gold spammers

    Very easy to get around both. They need to region lock (very lame, but definitely necessary atm) and have detection for VPN's and whatnot, and not allow the game to run if anything like that is detected.)
  8. Your customers want an explanation

    A "filtered" report system of sorts would be great. Report somebody as a bot or spammer, then the systems checks for identical messages being sent within a small timeframe, if users are detected sending it rapidly, autoban them all. Could potentially give users the option to blanket ban all botters for one site if those reports are looked into on the first report. I've also seen others suggest that a randomly generated code need to be entered after the account has been logged in for a little while, though this could interfere with actually playing the game. With that I think maybe a chat activity check, see how many messages were sent within a certain timeframe on accounts that have been in one zone the whole time, if they meet certain criteria, pop the code prompt, also check for rapid changes within the timeframe to prevent them from sitting on borders and just going back and fourth. This is getting pretty ridiculous, I've never seen such bad spamming in a game before. I come from Tera, and it doesn't really have anything like these features, but you almost never see gold spammers. You'll occasionally see one or two in one of the main cities, but just being one or two not rapidly spamming, means they're easy to block and be done with.