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  1. I want to get the account bound chest with 125 solar energy and save it until warrior comes out, so any of you know what's the best badge for warrior?
  2. It is NOT working as intended. Support have answered me. They confirmed it is a known bug and fixing it. Basically you want to receice your reward before mid night . Otherwise , the reset that happens at 6 am will not work and you will not be able to receive the reward the next day. Basically, if you get the reward after Tuesday midnight (always server time), the reset on 6AM Wednesday does not work, only visually. Then you would have to wait until 6 AM Thursday for it to really reset. Do not think of it as 24 hr reset. Because it does not work that
  3. As for soulburning. You hold rmb and use 4 whenever it is up. There is no reason to use unload for soulburn. You wont get into lightspeed that way.
  4. Im going to speak for myself here. Excluding the boxes from Dc, doing the 3 weeklies alone give 35 essences of love. I have 10 characters that are able to do jt so it is 350g each week. There are 4 weeks of event total. So you do the math. I was also to sell Chocolate Delight for 5 gold each, and each characters can get average of 5 delights, so that is 25g per character. 10 chars is 250g. More of any of these can be earned through DC. Worst event ever? No. If you decide to roll and fight for the true heart, thats a sacrifice you wanna make. But
  5. Submit a ticket. They will have the idea of what happen to it. Nothing other player can you for you here
  6. My question is different. I know once you aquired the title it is to stay. But to achieve the achievement itself, specifically the 5 Xanos runs, would I need to do those 5 runs on the event period or anytime? Of course the food, from within the same achievement is only within the event period. So that is why I am asking. So no. My question has not been answered.
  7. It is a PVP gem, not a class-specific gem. If you look at your Fire X (spec'ed as the PVP version, critical hits), you can see that it deals more damage + crit against a debuffed enemy (stunned, dazed). So having the gem means more damage on that. Every class has different debuff damage against enemies.
  8. If I am able to get the 3 different kind of food,but not the 5 Xanos runs within the event period, will I still be able to finish the 5 Xanos runs after the event? That was my question. But since it it got moved to Player to Player support, which I doubt anyone of the playerbase would know? This was directed toward more of the Game to Player support. So yeah, I'd like to discuss with you guys, do you think you can still finish 5 xanos runs after the event ends? When you ate all the food?
  9. If I am able to get the 3 different kind of food,but not the 5 Xanos runs within the event period, will I still be able to finish the 5 Xanos runs after the event?
  10. "Daily Harvest Crate The Daily Harvest Crate can be purchased once per account for 1 NCoin per day. Although you won’t find the Maple Leaf tokens in the daily crate, you will have a chance to obtain Hongmoon Hexagonal Gems, Sacred Oil, the Plentiful Harvest Crate, and the Tempting Fate costume." Where can I get this? I've checked the HM store and I dont see it anywhere.
  11. Hello, there. I assume you are talking about daily challenge. Then.... Daily CHALLENGE <- Enuf said.
  12. Or better, be able to register badges on the skills windows. As long as you got the bage in the inventory it automatically switches when you change skill page. But i doubt this feature would come anytime soon.
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