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  1. Stop Gold Sellers

    The gold spammers are creative with their spam now. See I tested the chat to see if there were any filters, and if you post too much within a certain period of time you get squelched for two minutes.. That makes spam from an individual impossible.. so these bots gotta be enmass to keep their circulation going.. Not only that but there are litterally more bots then there are block slots.. Which makes it litterally impossible to block them all.. Which really begs the question of - how many are there?! I'm thinking there are probabably more then one client running these bots on one system. I wonder if it's possible for NCSoft to limit how many clients can run at a time on one computer? Cause idealy, you really only need to be running one. Not ten or even two.
  2. wpvp isn't unfair at all o.o It's a lot more fair then most other games with world pvp. Don't wanna get ganked? Wear a neutral outfit, you won't be ganked. And you get plenty in this game so it's really not hard. As for changing channels, yes you can. I do it all the time o.o hit ESC, and on the menu that comes up select switch channel. I do this to get soul stones and do faction dailies cause honestly, I sorta suck at PVP.
  3. Spamming Issue Suggestions

    Thank god people are still talking about this. I thought it was gonna be something that people for the most part ignored. 'cause it's not as easy as cleaning your block list and blocking all the new accounts - there are litterally more spammers then there are available space in your block list.
  4. Speaking of gold spammers. Wasn't NC supposed to raise the block limit today? What happened to that. 'cause it's still 50 on my end
  5. Fix the bidding system please

    I highly dislike the bid system :\ It can be easily abused by anyone. For instance a friend of mine had an issue the other day where non-assassins were bidding on an assassin weapon way higher then he could afford. That's sorta nonsense. Need Before Greed rolling has always worked best in any mmo.
  6. gold spammers

    They probably didn't expect so many gold botters. I've never seen it this bad in any mmo I've ever played, but here they're ruthless! Thanks for increasing the level cap to ten for chatting in region, faction, and party chat. But a bit more then that needs to get done. We need GM's, whether it's paid by the company or by volunteer.
  7. gold spammers

    Just wait untill it starts effecting their servers, 'cause it's gonna. That's a LOT of information to be receiving so quickly.
  8. gold spammers

    Forget increasing the limit, REMOVE it! 'cause if they can exceed 50, they can exceed 100. If they can exceed 100, they can exceed 200... That might be stretching it, but I think you get the point.
  9. gold spammers

    Yea this whole chat spam is uncontrollable now. I litterally ERASED my block list just to attempt to clear region chat.. Which is a complete failure. Blade and Soul staff, something HAS to be done about this now.. There is litterally no way for me to communicate in region chat, or faction chat. And what function does party chat have now that I can't read it, or advertise that I'm looking for a party? You may aswell just erase the chatting function entirely! I'm sorry if this came off as ranty but it's completely insane what's going on there now. Maybe we need some GM's working around the clock to do something about all these clods? 'cause it's passed out of controll now, it's complete Chaos. And it's going to ruin what this game has got going for it.