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  1. End of Summer Pic

    Hey folks just wanted to post one last summer pic to end the summer, please post some of your end of summer pics. :) PS:note to self ,... learn how to get rid of user interface...
  2. Let me draw you!

    be kind of cool if u can draw my blade master
  3. Faster crafting

    I have to admit the crafting in this game takes way to long. i mean 24 hours for a pick ax.. really! anyway i'm just asking can you guys make the crafting go faster somehow? i have a job and i don't get to play much but when i do it takes forever to accomplish crafting.
  4. Faster crafting

    holy crap that's a brilliant idea should of done that... :P
  5. No more healing

    It F(U(C(K(I(N(G Pisses me off that some classes can heal constantly in arenas while other classes gets screwed. This is bull shit!!! Get rid of healing in arenas
  6. Every single match i have been in against a summoner has been lost lost lost. The closest i ever came to winning a match was against a summoner who still beat me even with 10%hp left. this game is seriously making me frustrated. Give us blade masters more stun breakers or something because i cant move, that cat hits hard as hell and the caster shoots as much as he wants. IM blocking as many attacks but its not working if i cant close the cap. anyone have any tips?
  7. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    These *cricket* gold spammers are annoying the crap out of me. Seriously either increase our block list to infinite. Or a better idea us real players should have the ability to delete a bot char by having 3 or more players report spam on that bot.