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  1. I'm on NA Poharan server, and I happen to be in the Crimson Legion (solely because my friends made a clan and it was in Crimson). On Poharan, Crimson is MASSIVELY dwarfed by Cerulean. In Misty Woods, I just skimmed through 8 channels to try and find a channel where there wasn't a minimum of 10 Cerulean players camping our faction merchants, just so I could buy the windwalking component there. Not a single Crimson player anywhere around on those servers, definitely none at the enemy camp. I suggest the following as a simple answer: 1: Each channel for each zone has a recorded frequency of recent player kills between factions, and combines this with the number of players in faction uniform to make a generalised "Faction Density" value. This represents both the likelihood of encountering a player in faction uniform, but mainly the actual balance of kills on each side. 2: Have a way to view the Faction Density for each channel, so you can see if a channel is skewed towards one faction, balanced, or has little to no PvP going on. I'd say just checking the channels could list it, in the form of a red:blue ratio of the Faction Density value 3: Adjust Prestige points gained from player kills and points lost from death by players based on the Faction Density value. If your faction has a lower value, you get more points for your player kills and lose less for deaths by players, while a higher density value gives you less points for player kills and lose more for death by player. What this means is that any channel that is overwhelmed either by skill or number is automatically adjusted, so the winning team gains less and has more to lose, while the losing team gains more and loses less. People on the winning side will earn more by moving to a more balanced channel, and people on the losing side benefit more by banding together instead of spreading out. This way, bots, AFKers etc can't easily affect the Faction Density value just by standing around in PvP outfits and I think overall Open World PvP would become more balanced and rewarding. If you have any criticisms, addendum's or alternate ideas, I'd love to hear, but try to stay helpful. If you prefer the current system for whatever reason, actually back your opinion up with your reasoning ("Hurr durr game is perfekt" doesn't get anyone anywhere)
  2. Party loot system

    I like the system for bidding, because if someone gets an item, you still get money from it so you don't ever lose out completely. That said, NCSOFT needs to fix this ridiculous minimum value. I know it's there to "stop botters" (like that worked out...) but increasing the minimum value means that if only one person wants something and bids on it, the rest of the party gets a little bit more. Half the time, things only get 1cp bids, so only one player actually receives the 1cp because it can't be split. Even if the items still only sell for low amounts from a vendor, you could make the minimum bids be forcibly higher so everyone gets more when someone takes an item. What they really need to do is make it so if you wait a longer time before bidding, you get less time to counter-bid if someone outbids you (only effects you). The main issue is that people are waiting till the last second just to annoy other people and hopefully make them give up. This way, if you wait to the very last second to bid, and someone out bids you, you'd only have a few seconds available to counter-bid again or else it counts as you passing on it. You could make your timer go back to it's normal duration by bidding quickly, so people aren't punished by bidding late the first time due to distractions.
  3. Pinchy's outfit

    Praise be RNGesus Seriously though, it could be reeeeeally easy for them to do. They just need to make it so you can turn in your other rewards for special scraps at the NPCs next to the wheel. The scraps could be accumulated to just outright purchase the costume or any other parts of the wheels drops. They need to be adequately expensive to avoid making it 'too easy', but this means if you fail to get it in a reasonable amount of time, you can trade in your other rewards to reliably get the costume. The 'scrap price' of each costume piece could vary based on each wheel (and how many essences drop from the boss) to make sure it's fair. RNG is good, it keeps the game feeling rewarding when those rare items do drop for you, but there needs to be a point where you just have 'earned' what you're looking for.
  4. "it's only 40 copper"

    People don't understand that Pay to Win is different than pay-related shortcutting. A game is only P2W if you can literally achieve more than anyone else if you pay. If you have premium, you earn more money. Are you saying other people can't earn money? There is nothing you can get on the Hongmoon store or with any game package that is completely unobtainable to another player who hasn't paid a cent. If a non-paying player wants to work a bit harder, they can get to exactly the level of equipment and skill than a paying player, and often will actually be more skilled because they've spent more actual time playing. Part of the entire purpose of premium bonuses is to provide a means of making the game fun for people who don't have a lot of time to play due to work. If you work a lot, you can easily afford premium subscription, and the bonuses help make up for the fact that you have considerably less time to play than normal players. It doesn't matter how much you complain, no company is going to want to remove bonuses for people who actually work, both because it's unfair to exclude them from the game, and because they're the only thing keeping the servers paid for and functional.
  5. I honestly have been getting enough materials. It's not easy, but I never really need to go "farming", I just take short detours along my journey. That said, first they need to take the map markers off. How do we make the game easier for botters? TELL THEM DIRECTLY WHERE TO BOT. No, get rid of all map markers for resources, add a few more in and make them spawn more randomly. If there are 10 mines in a zone, there should be 30 locations that they COULD spawn in, instead of 10 reliable zones. This means you have an increased chance to bump into resources along the way, and there's less capability to actively horde them all. If you made them client-side like GW2, it could also help, but to keep the materials scarce (and thereby valuable) you'd need to drop the total amount of veins per zone. If you did it this way, there might DEFINITELY be 2-3 veins in a zone with your name on it, but there will still be a lot more places for the veins to spawn, so you really have to put a lot of time into it to actively farm. You're limited by pickaxes anyway, so it's not really like it's possible to 'exploit' since the pickaxes will always require time or money to maintain.
  6. First and foremost, I think any purchased or special-access costume should be a permanent, account-bound item that appears in your wardrobe for any character, or at the very least can be mailed/shared to other characters on your account. Any costumes that you earn through loot, quests or other standard gameplay should still be specific to each character and left as they are, but if you're going to purchase a purely cosmetic item it should be more available. I know a lot of people who want limited-time access costumes like the Regium Corvus for their Warlock character when that comes out, so if limited costumes like that were account-bound instead of character bound, you could get it now in anticipation for later characters. I think a productive and profitable way to change the system would be to have a Character Wardrobe with all loot, quest and crafted outfits that are specific to each character, and a "Hongmoon Wardrobe", which contains a shareable copy of every purchased or special access costume (including founder costumes). The Hongmoon wardrobe, unlike the regular wardrobe, would have no maximum slots for storage, and wouldn't depend on subscription status to maintain. You're already paying for those outfits, there shouldn't be any reason to keep paying to store them. Having a Hongmoon wardrobe also opens up more opportunities for cash-shop sales, such as custom poses, emotes, windwalks/glides and even custom class ability effects. I know heaps of people, including myself, would happily pay for a permanent-access alternate windwalk animation, or different ability effects. Maybe you want an alternate summoner effect so your Petal Swarm looks like a butterfly swarm, or your Grasping Roots are actually green snakes instead of vines. Maybe you want your destroyer to have a flaming visual effect on his whirlwind attack. The potential amount of expansion is enormous, which makes more opportunity and temptation for players to spend money on the game. As the saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. If people buy a costume and realise it can't be used on their other characters, they are less likely to buy any more costumes. Make them available to any character on their account and people will want to buy more. If you want to post to contend any of these points, show a reason. "Hurr durr bad idea" is never a good reason on any forum, and I'm trying to be constructive here so the game hopefully gets better