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  1. tl;dr.. they put me on some dead server on a server merge so I quit.
  2. Character info not updating?

    resolved >.>
  3. character info

  4. Character info not updating?

    resolved <.<
  5. Profile Pictures

    I was not aware of the limit so I don't know why they would take them out.. Since no explanation was given, I was trying to help some feel better about the change as it might have improved server health but if there is a size limit it wouldn't make sense unless it was being bypassed.
  6. Profile Pictures

    I didn't say that at all, it doesn't hinder me the slightest. I am saying "feels like a waste of bandwidth", not my bandwidth. That might be why they are removing it, sorry for your loss...
  7. Profile Pictures

    No idea where you got that from, I didn't say I have bad internet.
  8. Profile Pictures

    It really feels like a waste of bandwidth to download 40-100mb every time I need to inspect someone's stats.
  9. Temptation outfit.

    Just received! 1st =p
  10. That's what happens when you give your account information & money to hackers letting them know you are cool with it..
  11. Why so obnoxious?

    Ranged classes in this game do not understand the concept of how threat works. They are standing away from danger doing nothing but damage, in the everquest days called the glass cannon. The tank is avoiding attacks, getting stunned, and delaying dps at times to use a block or evade. Usually the tank including most melee get all their DPS cut and any cooldown they used will be rendered useless once they get trolled by a newb popping their PVP air throw every single pull and boss battle while ranged are mindlessly spamming DPS unhindered. Instead of easing up on DPS to lose threat, the range usually kite around the room prolonging the fight not knowing they are on the internet where there is a usually a minimum of 1 full second delay before a receiver can see what someone else input is. The melee end up running around like headless chickens doing nothing but take damage while they attempt to predict the kiters movement to get a couple hits in, of course the kiter will not take much damage and maintain threat due to enemy stopping movement before most attacks. This with no doubt susbstantially prolongs each encounter and sky rockets the ammount of damage the group receives. The only terrible solution to the deal with a modern MMO player's incompetence is to drop any defensive stats you have and replace them with attack power and critical chance, make sure you are ahead of everyone, don't go back to help anyone if they are in trouble and make sure you are attacking the appropriate enemy first. Give anyone suggestions on what someone doing wrong or ask them to stop doing air throws, they will call you a child. Mention how to improve the groups gameplay to get things completed faster and you will be called an elitist jerk or receive a chill dad/mom. At the moment the skill cap is very low in PVE to succeed with total nonsense tactics. In the future if higher end skill content is added, people may understand their roles better when they start getting one shot or wipe the group. Playing correctly could actually make a difference if that happens.
  12. How to mute that woman voice

    -Press escape. -Left click on settings. -Select the sound tab. -Left click and drag system sounds to your left. -Left click apply.
  13. I hope you can provide more information on any limitations in the future.
  14. I put 5g up and nobody could see it so I used a bunch of 1g... Now I'm locked out when I didn't even sell 10. I used this yesterday and reached limit. I got no warning there was a limit and that it shared marketplace limit or I wouldn't have used the normal market that day. Now I'm still locked out of using it today even after daily reset, I'm kind of upset that I worked hard for nothing. Update: It just now reset for me couple hours after posting, not sure if someone saw this or it has different timing than daily reset, kind of weird I can't find any information about it.