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  1. I'm currently on v1803 and yeah I tried the FTH disabling but it that didn't work. I think I'll keep looking for other solutions cuz uninstalling my graphics drivers is the kind of system backwooding I'd rather not mess up. What microsoft update are you currently on?
  2. fahk you serious? So there's no way to fix it then if my problem is from windows 10
  3. Thanks everyone! Really appreciate all the assistance
  4. I feel ya, used to run 77fps so smoothly in dungeons and raids and now I drop to 13 fps just from opening inventory. Thanks I'll try that out as well How did you revert it back?
  5. I did have my windows 10 update a few months ago, so even if it's a rumor I'll check into it. Thank you
  6. So, I haven't played since December and literally haven't logged into the game until today and my fps is barely reaching to 30. I didn't change anything, still using the same laptop, still with the same settings and my fps is lower than normal. I already checked if anything extra is running in the background and it's nothing besides the usual when I play games (youtube, and 2 other tabs). Is it possible the update/updates that I missed have interfered with the optimization? Because I've seen this happen in Vindictus to some of my old friends back when we played it. If not, any additional insi
  7. Well I don't really care too much for mini events, those are usually just a "grind this" or play this mode and get stuff etc. Also I've never played the witcher series, never took time to invest in it. GoW is fun but I'm not sure if I want to buy it myself, I've played it a few times and it's fun, but I don't know if I want to play it through. I also normally play hack n slashes, rpgs, and sometimes adventure or strategy games. I'm waiting on news for Cyberpunk 2077 and anything upcoming, but I haven't seen anything interesting and it looks like all the mmos I play aren't releasing anything n
  8. Does anyone know if story, new chara or anything will be coming out for summer? I'm kind of in a gaming rut where I'm not really sure what to play, so I'm checking out if any mmos are releasing anything new or if I should just go replay my console games. Might buy God of War but not really sure, since I can just watch my bf play.
  9. Since evolved stones became pretty important, I'm wondering if anyone knows where the best place to farm them is?
  10. I've been crafting in my guilds all week and yesterday I got the 7day premium and for like the first 5mins receiving my crafts gave the 70% bonus but they haven't been giving that bonus since then and I'm wondering if it's like a daily bonus or if it's glitched.
  11. I accidentally got the lost jackpot on my lvl 50 chara boost and I'm wondering if I can get only one lost jackpot per chara or is this one per account? Or if I can trade it inbetween charas and switch it over to my main.
  12. So with this patch being out and hongmoon levels capping at 25 now, I'm kinda confused on how to lvl hm levels any further with my main chara being at hm 9 and only getting on avg 300k exp every day. Is there any place I can farm or do to get exp fast? I already run dungeon dailies and I tried mushin tower (I'm not sure if that really gave a lot of exp or what). I just finished the new Act story so that helped a bit but I didn't even get a level up from that other than going from 50-55. So I'm just wondering if hm leveling really is that tedious or am I doing something wrong here.
  13. lol sorry I played on the jap server before the game came to the west so I guess I got confused a bit
  14. ah okay I was just wondering but thanks anyway.
  15. I played back when the game was new and took a break 3yrs ago and I'm just getting back into the game with my friends, and the guild I made "Inferno" is a lvl 3 competitive clan. (I tried leveling it on my own way back then and only got this far). I was wondering if it's possible to sell guilds to others interested in it or if I should just disband it since I'm the only one left in it and I'm not a competitive player.
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