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  1. Can't Start game!!!

    After this new patch i can't even start my game up. Every time it tries to load the game it crashes. I am so sick of all the BS this game is delivering. When i first started a week ago, i couldn't even start the game before it crashed. Then i finally fixed it to where it crashes every F***ing 5 mins, and now i can't even load the game again. This is a joke.
  2. Im tired of it!!!

    My game constantly crashes. I have no idea why. I've disabled everything i needed to since i have razer hardware and it still crashes. There is no error message, it just freezes and closes the game. I used to get error messages but now i don't. I'm about ready to just find a different game. And before people start squawking at me- it crashes about every 5 minutes or so. So i have a right to complain. Its not my computer, this is a fresh build (blah blah blah) Don't believe me, here are my components. MotherBoard= MSI 970A-G46 (MS07693) Processor= AMD FX 6100 six core @4.0ghz 16gb Nvidia EVGA GTX 960 FTW Here are my accessories. Razer Deathadder Chroma Razer Arctosa Razer Kraken Pro So i have a decent build. I run checks on a daily basis. Its not me or my computer. I have done file repairs and reinstalled etc... This is my last resort. I have tried everything i cant think of. It only crashes on this game. I can play any other game just fine FYI
  3. Show me your costumes/outfits!!!

    I finally got the stinger WITH THE TAIL!!
  4. Show me your costumes/outfits!!!

    I really want the sandstorm. Been wanting it since ive been playing. One of my goals close to getting their too.
  5. Im tired of it!!!

    Ya, and that shouldn't happen. Like i said, Razer is a well known accessory, why wouldn't they make it work for the software haha. Just makes them look like idiots
  6. Im tired of it!!!

    I really like the game too, and i still play it, but its really pissing me off that i have to restart the game every 5 minutes. especially when i'm farming dungeons or fighting a fieldd boss- it crashes and i lose everything
  7. Im tired of it!!!

    Its Bs. I thought they had a beta. Shouldn't they have worked out the kinks in this game? I shouldn't have to disable any of my razer software for this game to work. It should just work lol. Razer is a well known accessory for gamers and they didn't even make it compatible with the software? wtf?
  8. Outfits/Costumes

    How do you get outfits? In the dungeon lobby it shows you rewards on particular dungeons. I decided to try and get the bandit queen from adders nest. I farmed that dungeon for two hours the other day, and about an hour today. No luck. Are they really that rare? is my game bugged or am i doing something wrong. Note: i mostly solo qued the dungeon. I did end up getting the beast hunter by doing the quest"making the rounds", It was probably just luck and not the quest. TIA Heres my pretty little character- Edit-and the stinger outfit is obtained from the wheel by pinchy, correct?
  9. Outfits/Costumes

    ok thanks everyone, i guess ill just keep trying
  10. Outfits/Costumes

    There's no misconception with me. I just didn't know how rare they were and if i had to do anything else. Also, Some outfits do not show up in the wardrobe if you search for them. For example, the bandit queen does not show up for me. Is this for premium? Am i wasting my time on certain outfits which only premium users get?