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  1. There is also 2 types of corallite. Standard Corallite and Corallite. I think Corallite has a higher success rate than standard corallite
  2. Bro Jonathan(assistant Producer) said this was endgame content. Meant for the strongest players. I'm not making anything up. Don't believe me? Watch the Q & A stream.
  3. I have tried saying this too and the response "it's all as intended". They also said this was supposed to be "end-end game content" which is stupid because how are you supposed to get all the way to endgame if you can't even farm here. Whatever I'm done trying.
  4. I wasn't that mad before but when I watched a Q & A, a question came up and it asked something like this "I'm having trouble getting contribution from SSP will you make it a little easier so lower ap players can also farm". The response was "SSP is the END-END Game content and it isn't meant for everyone(just paraphrasing)" So my thing is, if that is the best way to get soulstones and the only way to get moonstones, how do you expect players to get to end game if they need a shit ton of ss and moonstones just to upgrade one thing? I think I saw someone say that it only drops in F14
  5. Not true. I live in Texas but now I'm in Europe and on EU server my ping is much better here than there.(I also have worse internet here in Europe)
  6. Can't they just make shared storage between all of our characters on our account?(Like almost every other mmo has this).This way we can give to our alts or mains items that aren't tradeable. Just put whatever you want to transfer in storage, then, log in from other char and you get it. I don't see a reason why they wouldn't make something like this because we're just trying to transfer between OUR chars.
  7. @KixtarI did the same thing as you and now it's stuck on one of my chars. I don't understand why they wouldn't make it account bound.
  8. I agree with you. I have been begging for a special third storage which is accessible to our other chars. For example, if I have costumes on my main and I want my other chars to wear some why shouldn't I be able to give it to them. After all, they're still my chars. I also have 16 dragon trade pouches laying around on my sin with no purpose
  9. I have beat blackram supply chain already. Ok I will look for that quest thank you
  10. Hi can anyone explain to me why the Bloodshade Harbor daily is in the Challenge Daily if we can't even accept it?
  11. I don't know why everyone is complaining about the soulstone amount. I wish all the weapons after true oathbreaker just asked for soulstones.lol. They are so easy to make and everyone has the opportunity to make them. You can easily get 14 a day and if lets say you are gold in arena(which is not hard). You collect 2000 zen beans and certificate and there is 30 soulstones. Even if you don't do ssp, you can make alts that can do the daily quests for misty plains. For example, I have 3 acc that do misty woods faction quests each day. From just that I get 42 soulstones each day.
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