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  1. I can't see the Superstar Pet in F3 and I wanted to know if there's a place where I can see it in-game or something before I buy it. I have no idea if it's just me :(
  2. thank you for this now i can forever live with the memory of her
  3. "Fixed an issue where a female NPC in the Cross Server Dungeon gateway was using a male voice." but she was always my favorite
  4. If it says sold out on the valentines day outfits, does that mean I missed my chance?
  5. You also need to pick up a quest in the Cinderlands. I had the same problem when i used my free 50 boost
  6. what is the drop rate of crystals? I have used 10 essences and have only gotten 1? It's rng so I have a chance at not getting the heart then?
  7. Do you have AVG Anti-Virus? If you do try to temporarily disable it when you launch the game
  8. I was forced to install that huge new Windows 10 update last night and it deleted BnS from my comp. Why would that happen?
  9. I just came back to the game a few weeks ago and have always mained my WL. I used my free 50 boost on SF and haven't played my WL since. WL def do more damage and are more sought after bc of SB, but I just enjoy SF way more
  10. I love the Lycan bracers I use it with almost all my outfits
  11. I mean I understand where you're coming from, I am not super geared right now so when I was doing Sogun's Lament yesterday, we had an afk'er, but we couldn't kick. Took us about 5 wipes to finally down it because our group was lacking a gear lol so that 6th person would've really helped. The only downfall about this suggestion though is there have also been times where I have loading in slower than others and people pull a boss and I die so I am unable to hit boss. It sucks either way :(
  12. what SS should I be aiming for as earth? ty~
  13. My BD is 36 thought and my SF is already 55 that's why I'm scared to do it
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