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  1. Don't know, maybe try to run a transaction with random numbers and the system can safe those instead the real ones.
  2. On a side note from all the flame, I'm kind of curious how hacks happen in this system. I doubt that having antivirus will help
  3. Nah, I clicked, it is safe. However today, when I decide to quit BnS and gave my gold to a random guy, I recieved the same message before entering the game but the country was mine. I'm gonna change my debit card tomorrow, but since I couldnt pay directly I guess I should be fine.
  4. I am sorry to hear that. I was lucky enought to have a MasterCard that was not accessed from their system, so I used paypal, althou I am not sure how safe my PayPal acc is...
  5. So what are you applying? Blizzard, the "gods: of MMOs - can advertise, but NCsfot, a smaller company - can't? Anyway, no amount of ads can ressurect the rotting corpse of BnS. And it's not the bots or the lag. It's because is borring as hell.
  6. Ill just leave it here: Just because you millenials does not watch TV it does not mean that older generation of gamers does not pay attention to a new or two over the tv,
  7. I don't mind bots or lag. I canceled my subsribtion today, althou I had 6 days left, and gave all my gold to a random level ~20 newbie. The reason is that the game is not what I expected it to be, weeks after I hit level 50 I foundmyself into an infinite AP farm loop, because the only thing that matters in this game is AP. That's the only cool metter that elisit can persue in this game and it's kind of sad. The PVP is not existant. I mean nothing here makes me wanna pvp in the open world. You just put your robe on and if there are bunch of enemy guys in the Plains you just switch channel
  8. There are some whiteknight and official statements, about bots that really makes me wanna Cringe... 1. They can't ban them, becuase if you ban 1, 2 more will pop out... Whut...? Do you realise how stupid this sounds (don't wanna offend anyone here) ? It takes about 10 minutes to set up account and bot while locking someone should be like 20 seconds. You just click a damn button to lock somebody account. I doubth there is C ++ knowledge in order to lock somebody. 2. They can't track down bots. Ssssheay right. It's so down hard to make a difference between Princess Peperon
  9. the bot is very hard to track says NCSFOT.... Because, it's really hard to track a hit on a keyboard that gives bird to ajdsjkdjsa dsa ndsan dsna dsa dsa names.
  10. Well that's kind of unfair, cause I went premium after I hit 45....
  11. I am a level 3 prmium member and I don't tend to understand the way mobs drops in game currency, but there is something that I noticed in my 24 runs. When Runninng a 24 poharan at my daily routine I see an average copper loot from 39 to 69 copper for each 1/2 mobs I take down. When done with this I decide to go to some more valuable (in terms of quest reward) 24 zone and go to Frostscale - a level 50 24 men run. Althou the frostscale is easier (you don't have to run around for mini-bosses and etc) I noticed that the snow people there drops around ~4 to 5 copper. That's kind of ..... stra
  12. I want a husky :( Now really, why only can? Why limit to one creature only>
  13. It's windrest, actually. Hardly unbalanced, but I guess some people are just douchebags
  14. Looking for party in Beastbog and: Then kicked me from party. Roleplay level 9000 or just stupidity?
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