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  1. The whole "new faction quests" are terribly designed: Capturing phase: you actually only do Konta (I am legion, so I dont know what Cureleans must kill). A lot of people simply does not kill him and wait for mining. Mining Phase: you all run like bots from tower A to tower B Battle Phase: no one is doing that, literraly no one, cause nothing in battle phase gives you soulstones. There is nothing in that phase that can justify to waste your time im fighting bosses with millions and millions HP. The PVP in this place... In a nutshell, people hide between the bulky 6 million b
  2. Depends on the servers thou. On Windrest the game is blooming on Greenhollow (where my alt is) I feel like I'm in lienage 2 private server with 200 population at the weekend.
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