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  1. Force Master, Wallbang

    I think he refered of this bug from FM or it may be an intended mechanic where he grabs you trows in the wall and kick your ass.
  2. Abnormal DPS or this is how it is here?

    Does gear matter in 1 vs 1 arena?
  3. Abnormal DPS or this is how it is here?

    It was a Soul Fighter this last fight I had.
  4. Abnormal DPS or this is how it is here?

    There are clases that are 3-4 shotting me in arena matches on 1 vs 1...is this normal to?.... And another problem is i cant record them.....I use Radeon Relive and the matches are random color bricks on my screen (blured)...when i go in lobby the recorder is recording ok. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=No89FduH7mU&feature=youtu.be This error happened to me only to the op chars that 3-4 shotting me. That is strange.
  5. My stats got hammered

    In character status you have some points that you can put in attack or defense.
  6. My shield are 1-5 Elder and 6-7 Sparring and first time i got 2 shoted the second time was a little better ... pff https://youtu.be/h4VULRNEcOw
  7. Channel limited number.....

    and tha tlimit is????...i think they can increase the limit that curent is...bcz seriosly is not my first game and dont think there are more then 200 on that channel...im shure they can get even more thant 600 in one channel.
  8. Channel limited number.....

    Cant be channel made to get more ppl in?
  9. Channel limited number.....

    Seriosly how manny ppl can go in a channel 15- 20 max?.... Everytime I saw a world boss raide in faction chat I tried to go for it but i get 100% CHANNEL IS FULL....really... i spamed inv to get inv and ppl did inv me in group and icon with change channel apeared i confirmed and i still didnt got in the channel with boss raid bcz gues why....CHANNEL IS FULL!!!!
  10. Servers crashed ?!

    NcSoft Worker 1 - "Guys we need to announce we need to make a maintance bcz we have some issues" NcSoft Worker 2 - "*cricket* no we can't do that again today...We wil get our ass flamed by the playersso hard!!" NcSoft Worker 1 - "But it an emergency we need to do it." NcSoft Worker 2 "Hmm....OK...Just shut the server down and we will be like wtf server are down none will know anything we say we are fixing the problem case solved"
  11. Servers down?

    After I entered Pin................................................................NOTHING.