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  1. Pinchy's outfit

    wow really? i usually get my weapon and at least the chest outfit in under 20
  2. Moonwater Transformation Stone

    how long does it take to do that many dailies? im not opposed to farming up just gold and buying what i need, but on further evolutions don't you need like 10-20 of these damn things? thats....a lot. not to mention the gold needed to level it up, or the other mats
  3. Viridian Quartz

    thats actually a good idea...make an alt and get another 5 free picks.
  4. wait. is it actually worth it to level up crafting in this game? cause the first two tiers...i just don't see it
  5. of course you are....but the "boost" just seems much more significant than other games that give you "boosts". obviously premiums should get something because they're spending money. maybe make the boosts less significant and the sub amount less significant. or at least options for it...like tiers of subscriptions. silver gold plat one is $10, one is $20 the other is $30 per month blah blah. this is why so many games just stick with cash shop. and PtP games almost always go to just cash shop due to this very issue.
  6. Fastest way to get Unsealing charm??

    crafting is the biggest joke part of this game if you ask me. i can run low level dailies, takes about an hour and i'll get between 3-6 charms. or i can try to craft them. either buy the mats (might as well buy the charms) and wait the extreme amount of time in order to craft them. think i'll run the dailies. and what i don't get in charms i get in keys, to which i can run those dungeons that have chests at the end with chances to get charms
  7. it is free to play....but man.... honestly it isn't just about how much more gold you get per dungeon etc, its also how much you save, how much more you can make without as tight of marketplace restrictions, all of the benefits added up. you're at an extreme disadvantage if you don't have a sub in this game. not only that, but the sub for this game is the highest monthly sub i've ever seen in any MMO that i've played. its essentially $35 a month. haha theres no way i play enough in a month to merit that. $15....maybe
  8. anyone know why it stutters?

    how-so stuttering? one thing i've noticed is the camera will stutter quite a lot but only when my cursor is to the side of the screen, and it will stutter when trying to pan the camera to the side of the screen the cursor is on. when i notice it, i just hold alt, move my mouse cursor off the side of the screen, and its fluid again
  9. Want to Make a LOT of Money NCSoft?

    thats a great idea. give credit where credit is due
  10. Items Evolution

    don't worry. on the general scheme of things you were most likely only 1% done with the weapon anyway. theres so many levels, each get beyond expensive as hell. it'll take years for me to complete it
  11. I can't fuse any Soul Shields

    has to be different set and it has to be from the same area. aka you can't get a set in cinderlands and fuse moon-continent w/e its called soul shields onto it
  12. this is my issue with crafting in general. of course everybody needs like a hundred moonwater transformation stones in order to ascend their weapons (not to mention who knows how much gold etc) and they're like 8g each. thats easy, one thought. i'll just learn to craft them. well now it'll cost you 10g to actually craft them, or days upon days of getting the actual materials and crafting time. in which time you could have farmed up that 8g and then some. now. i don't know if you craft 5 at a time at that level or not, but still...i don't see its worth the time and effort at all. might as well put that time into doing actual fun things like playing the game. in the long run its going to be a long run. so you gotta ask yourself the question. do you want to spend that time doing dungeons and killing things? or do you want to do it looking for mats in order to craft things?
  13. PVE and Survival in End Game

    honestly its the same thing with every game that comes out with new content. it absolutely destroys people until they get used to it. once they get used to it, the dungeon, the bosses, and the build specs that destroy them specifically....they become basically trivial. im looking forward to finishing my leveling up to where the game really begins, getting into the process of getting to know these dungeons and bosses. i remember playing TERA when it first came out....now THOSE were some tough bosses when they released a couple of the dungeons that got added shortly after release. only a couple guilds were able to clear them for months. as soon as you get to know the mechanics, it just becomes muscle memory
  14. Best PvE Solo Class?

    ya that summoner cat is op as balls ima blade dancer. they do well solo, lots of dps, but very hard to sustain yourself
  15. ok, wow i get it now he runs whirling scourge to keep his focus up so he doesn't swap stances, and awakened blade echo (lvl 45 req) recovers 1 focus on crit hit. blade echo is available after flash step/lightning flash and/or after crit hit with flicker, and inflicts more damage. so by combining that, he can keep lightning stance up for awhile with high crit by managing cooldowns quite well. whirling scourge's cooldown is also reduced per wind focus generated, which he does midway through the fight as well since i don't have blade echo (lvl 40 right now) im kinda doing this with wind charges via multistrike, sunder and rolling tycoon. with high crit rate (flaming scourge) you can keep on sundering/rolling tycoon non stop for an entire boss fight. its very large damage where im sitting right now