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  1. RNG boxes white/black envelopes

    hahah that was 260 Euro.If you was buying gold from F9 was 10 time better.THIS IS THE BIGEST TROL BOX FROM BNS(this prove me again they are a f.machine money makers,and they dont care about some decent rewards...good luck in the next troling event HAHAHAHA
  2. 50 box RIP off

    Thanks for the usseles pve and pvp box.This is the bigest joke i ever seen.You can get only 1 Item and 1 letter ???? wtf is wrong with you bns developers???
  3. QUEUE big problem !!!

    Hi guys, I wonder why nobody talk about the infernal queue position problem on servers.Today i started the game at 16:30 and i was in queue position 281.Now is 20:08 and my new queue position is 173.THIS IS A BIG JOKE! The highest queue position is now is 1388,that mean the last player maybe will play this game after 24 hour queue position. Please if you got the same problem like me post here. They must solve this huge problem.I was waiting this game for 2 years and now cant play because nobody care about this huge queue problem.
  4. I understand you because i got the same problem like you on Windrest.Yesterday i was login at 16:30 in queue position 281# with 1496# other people in queue and after 7 hour i was able to play the game.( 7 hour to login 281#non premium player ???? this is the bigest joke i see in my life)This situation si so frustrating because i dont want to to make another character after i spend 1 week to make a lvl 45 character. For the all other players who say buy premium member !!!!! Just think what heapen whit the queue problem when 90% players got premium member??? Guys you must understand i see 1000+ premium member in queue 2 days ago.LIKE THIS SOON SEVERAL COMPLAINS COMING BECAUSE YOU HAVE A WRONG SERVER MANAGEMENT. thanks a lots for this situation Blade and Soul !!!!