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  1. I had similar issues ... turned out 32 bit client is Switched to 64, and got 1 dc for the entirety of last week, huge improvement compared to the dark ages of 32 bit.
  2. The video was freshly released today, and there is a supposedly Part-2 coming soon, which would provide more info. This was simply, 개발 로드맵 영상 1편입니다 : Development Road Map.
  3. Hello, So ... this happened : > Partially translated to : Graphical Update and Conversion to Unreal Engine 4! New "Life style" Content : Fishing, Items Collection (treasure hunts ?), and more. Story development + new Chapters.
  4. Hello, As the title suggest, this is about a Blue Quest in the Solak region, "That Which Lingers" is the name. First time i did it, was extremely touching & sad, the beautiful song didn't make it any easier not to ... even for a man. Well, at least they got reunited in death ..
  5. please read the truth about ncsoft : Where my list is came from, in fact if you weren't in such deep denial, you could have noticed how poor NCSOFT revenue from their western published game, now put that idea with the current state bns, get the picture ? Your steam numbers are far away from the game activity : After steam release last year, TERA had so much success that it was even the most popular MMO on steam for a while, because of that other regions publisher ( Russia & Europe ) applied heavy pressure on the developer BHS to restrict their steam version to NA region only, so those numbers you see on your link are only from NA players = a pretty small portion of TERA's population, because you can access the game without Steam.
  6. please read the truth about ncsoft

    Please keep your dirty fingers out of TERA, the fact your kinds brought this name to the discussion made me disgusted ... also bots ? *sigh* that word doesn't even exist on any tera players vocabulary, in fact in 4 years of playing the game in both Eu & Na version, i haven't seen a single bot (well, i only added the full definition of that word to my list after playing bns, so thx i guess ?), except for 2/3 buffers priest who were buffing everyone near a dungeon during an event, sadly they got banned within a day. i don't know where the video you posted is from (the new released russian version ?) but that is a pretty sad example of boting, i might add that, the game combat system, economy & resources, make it a very bad place for bots to survive. Gold have no value ? you do realize the entire game is built around micro-transaction, where every players is in need for gold to : upgrade gears, customize character with various cash-shop cosmetics, purchase different in-game services including Subscription scrolls from other players, ..ect. So please explain how gold is irrelevant ? About the gold sellers part, i have seen very few of them during Steam release, 1/2 months later = Eme introduced them to the meaning of : Extinction. Finally, please tell me how dead the game is, when it's still updating content 4 years after it's western release, while releasing the 4th newest class : Ninja on May, and making enough sweet $$ to be the #4 most profitable subscription based MMO in the world (jan 2015). (I don't mind a private reply to keep this thread from going off-topic).
  7. Jin Varrel, by far my most favorite character, and the main reason why i got so deep into this game, i was mainly interested in the story when i started, so curious about her motives, and what were the reasons she became what she is. She treated the world, the same way he treated her, you cannot grow flowers in the desert ... her lines when Iksanun got stabbed : "Children, killing their Parent. Nothing new in this rotten world" = one of my favorite parts of the story. By that same logic i kissed the game good bye today.
  8. The only pointless thing, is Ceruleans trying to do Anything in faction content on that server, that is how bad the broken balanced between factions on "Wild Spring". Seeing how Crimson act on that server : - Zerging every SINGLE channel on both Misty woods & Soul plains. - Killing every npc alive on misty camps, while forcing Insignia farm on 2/3 ch, which is the total channels of the map in a low server pop, making it impoosible to even get the quests, let alone doing it ... - Refusing any kind of agreements/suggestion that can lead to Ceruleans having even a single ch, while acting all mighty & arrogant. - Practically Locking-out an entire faction players out of content, while freezing/heavily decreasing their progression : Soulstone, Moon stones, BW chest, ... ect. I normally despise any sort of hacking/bugs exploiting or any kind of malicious behavior inside a game, but in this case, i actually hope that who-ever using those hacks, to live longer in game, and give you slight taste of your own medicine. "Pointless to go there" ... such BS.
  9. That was the answer i got from Support, when i asked about relation : Faction change & Contribution points, keeping your rank is possible only when you move from the more populated faction to the less populated side, otherwise your contribution points will reset. "Even" doesn't provide much information about who have more/less population, so i suggest that you just make your decision based on your experience on who is "Seeking Members" most of the times, and i also think the profile will show "Even" if both side are close to each other in numbers within a large interval making it not really even at all.
  10. Not gonna pay for mail system......

    Problem is, we can't even send mails to our Alts without paying, and i am pretty sure my alts are not gold sellers, fact is this game publish itself as a F2P, while in reality if you ever decided to make an alt, you will never be able to send anything to him/her unless you pay, doesn't that sound like lying to you ? Also : - In all the time i spent in JP & TW bns ( free mail system ), i never ever had a SINGLE mail from a gold seller, not even once. - Why our NA/EU got this restriction even tho the other 2 Recent version had no such thing ? - Why is it any different to delete mails spams, than doing the same thing for the Friends requests from gold sellers ? - Why alt mails still locked behind pay wall, several Months after game release ? Fact is, there are many questionable changes in our versions, and you don't want to find or hear the answers.
  11. honest question on boss in ssp

    Instead of buffing bosses, i think one of the best solution to balance "Range vs Melee", will be : to decrease the damage from ranged attack, based on the distance from the boss (well, not 100% of range attacks, but we can start with the few strongest skills of each Range Class). This system is implemented in TERA (a much better balanced game in terms of Range vs Melee), and it work fine, in fact as an Archer, i had to play in melee range, to put up some decent dmg contribution. Adding frequent "Range only" attacks is another solution, you simply can't auto reply with "git gud" to you melee partners when you barely make any efforts to dodge anything, you might realize then, that even being good, won't help, when the game disagree with it fps drop & server instability. This are the 2 suggestion that i find fair, and could balance the play field, sadly i fail to see this happening, simply because if the KRs have no issues with this, then why would they develop specific update for west, even tho their melee play with an "omg" ping, and "wow" servers which clearly isn't the case in our version.
  12. B&S is pay to win ?

    - You progress with Gold in most aspects of this game. - You can buy Gold with $$ legally. - You can also grind Gold in-game. What do you think ?
  13. Tainted Lab Daily?

    You get daily quest for Tainted Lab, in a scroll that drop from the frogs mobs (not those on lake, but the ones where the serpent boss hang out), not sure if this are the Only mobs who drop the scroll, but i always get mine from there. Tainted lab itself drop another scroll with a daily quest, that take you to that frog area, so i guess the 2 places are linked to each other this way ... also wanted to mention how the last boss in our version was modified ... when i played on TW, the entire dungeon was easily soloable without even a weapon, cause you simply use the guns from lady dolls, to kills both mobs & last boss, but when i did the dungeon today, i found the last boss with 2 mil HP, and i had to drop the gun, and use my blade to kill him.
  14. Why pvp fails here and why its not open world

    Are you sure about this ? i don't think it's possible to keep your rank, after changing factions, even for a 1st time. Edit : I just wanted to put this here, since too many neanderthals spaming the same meaningless " Dont wear the Dobok ", on almost every kind of topics similar to this one : Yes, we get it ... arena is too hard for your kinds, and the so called "Open world" PvP, provide plenty of ways to defeat those poor solo questers who might decide to fight back, after all numbers, gears, situations, ...ect, can be exploited to max potential to guarantee your worthless victory ... so yeah we understand your motives, however, can you consider to stop wearing the PvP "dress" as a justification of your actions, your starting to make that concept pretty dirty.
  15. Cowards detected? Exit function abuse :O

    Exactly, so what is the point of jumping on other peoples in open world anyway ? The idiotic 10 kill faction quest ? i would easily through the 2 soulstones at the face of that npc any day, it's simply not worth annoying 10 other players for it, and personally, i have enough self esteem, to not allow myself to be killed by a bunch of teens camping quests areas for any soloer running around, with lower hp, wrong build and possibly in middle of a mobs fight. If you like PvP so much why not go Arena ? till then i hope you get even more irritated with every player, with enough brain cells to escape your meaningless harassment that you call open world PSvP. No comment ...