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  1. Please add a 2 second lock-out per bid

    it is saying "bid failed", if you press at the same time other person does. try to be careful. they should fix high bidder leaving tho, so they lose money and cant leave before bid expires :P
  2. Assassin's best PVE soul shield

    im using full blackram now, almost all pieces are +crit, except 3. without siren dagger im about 45% crit chance and 27k hp. you can get more crit by mixing in other pieces from dokomo or maybe moonwater, but you will lose few other stats in the process. i dont think its worth spending time and money to get best possible set now, just get full blackram with +crit and you will be fine til patch.
  3. WTS Blackwyrm Claw ***SOLD***

    thats by far the best dps ring currently in game.. i want, but im not NA :(
  4. How soloable is Narrows for 40 lvl Summoner?

    narrows is soloable by any class at least level 30. summoner is by far easiest class to solo dungeons.
  5. From the looks of things assassins need a nerf

    omg, nerf fm, they freezes me all the time in pvp. omg, nerf summoners, they root and turn invisible, omg nerf destroyers, they spin and i cant stun them, omg omg nerf bm and kfm, they block all, i cant deal damage, omg omg nerf bdc, they little, they spin, they lock me in combo for hight damage, omg omg, nerf ALL!!!! did i forgot something? nerf boss, i cant stun boss! please make this game single player, without monsters, where i can take a walk in a park and i get useless skill points and equips, because there is nothing to kill and nothing can kill me. im playing assassin and i find other classes op, hell i find my class op sometimes, when i face newb like yourself.
  6. You guys need to do SOMETHING.

    RNG is RNG. and you realise you can buy blue weapons from marketplace for few coppers? you can sell one key for several silvers and then buy your weapon.
  7. bid and leave

    just locking out leaving option, if your bid is active, that would fix it. if you disconnect on purpose, system just treats you as afk and if no one outbids, you still lose money and get item.
  8. bid and leave

    hello, i dont know if its considered bug or "feature", but i was in dungeon and someone ninja bid on item 5 gold and then, when he noticed no one outbid him, left group/game/dungeon, i cant really tell, but he left, and i even didnt notice if anybody got that item at all. we didnt get his bid money, im sure of that. please fix this so those ninja biders got punished at least with lost money.
  9. Jumping,Flying Quest

    almost no quest requires jumping and gliding. you are way too picky or troll. and jumping is very easy, i dont see how its an issue. life itself is alot harder, but you will not quit it, right? right?
  10. King of RNG

    im still pretty sure its not tradable. dont confuse me more than i already am :P
  11. King of RNG

    its not tradable, as far as i know :P
  12. King of RNG

    i spent 50 keys on hujikar weapon. i feel really lucky
  13. wardrobe should be free already

    i think locked wardrobe is ok, but if its available to only premium membership, is wrong. it should work like mail. when you buy ncoins or reach certain level of premium, it gets permanently unlocked. or you can buy it with ncoins as one time unlock. im pretty sure i dont want to buy premium all the time just because of wardrobe. other bonuses are nice, tho. dont say that premium is trash. its just way too expensive for me.
  14. no lags whatsoever, but gold spamers are the same as before :( you must not only ban goldsellers, but remove gold from those, who bought it. if no one will buy, no one will sell.
  15. assassins bit too op?

    im playing sin, sometimes i feel really op, but then again, in next fight i loose horribly to a skilled player. every class is OP in skilled players hands. except destroyer. i dont know how, but when i blow out my TAB and flower, there is not much i can do. they just grab me and i cant use any skill til im dead.