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  1. I played when the game first hit and I played extensively, I left because of the fact that for some reason there were really bad lag issues (which don't seem to have gone away even in empty towns) and I tried to find the wardrobe. I used to be premium and I distinctly remembered them saying that if I wasn't anymore, back in the day, that they wouldn't require premium for removing outfits you had stored. Well, none of them are allowing me to move them to my inventory. That's not a great way to make a returning member want to stick around.
  2. What is Focus Damage?

    I've seen several of my skills with Focus Damage on them, and I have no idea what it means.
  3. /emote list!

    No problem at all! I've been looking for a list like this since I joined, everyone just says use f12 but fumbling through that menu isn't really something I wanna do every time I'm looking for an emote.
  4. /emote list!

    Just tested it and at least for me /grr or grr doesn't do anything. Honor is one I was looking for though! Thank you!
  5. /emote list!

    Updated to include the f12 emotes that I don't currently have commands for, there are probably triggers for all of them, they're just weird and obscure. Like Applause instead of Clap.
  6. /emote list!

    I just tested it and Haha/Lol triggers /bravo. Same for Woot. So I'll add that to the list as one of the triggers!
  7. /emote list!

    Haha/Lol triggers laugh and saying Wait in any context triggers a wait emote that I don't know any slash command for.
  8. /emote list!

    Yeah I know, I have it bound to Delete but it's confusing to figure out what's what. I prefer typing in emotes myself. So I figured it was a good list to have for people that are the same.
  9. /emote list!

    Edit 2/12/2016: This list will be getting a slight rewrite. Most of these still work but the recent update has deleted some and added others. These are all of the ones I've found so far, browsing around and compiling/trying them out in the game. Emote Command List /sit /cheer /cry OR /sad /bow or /greet OR Hi or Hello (No /) /dance /dance2 /wave /bow /bored OR Bored (No /) /bravo OR Haha, Lol, Yes, Yay, or Woot (No /) /flirt or /love OR Love (No /) /scare /applause /kiss OR Kiss (No /) /stop OR Wait (No /) /charge OR Charge (No /) /sorry OR Sorry (No/) /look /honor OR Honor (No /) /scary or /afraid /sigh Angry or Mad (No /) Feel free to toss others up and I'll add them to the list! I haven't found a list of animated emotes anywhere yet so I thought it'd be good to have. F12 emotes I'm still trying to find commands for: 1-V
  10. Familiar name change?

    My summoner was my first character and when I chose my cat, I didn't know that I'd be able to re-customize it, I didn't know there was an all black option. My cat passed away and I think it'd be nice to name it after him, would there be any way to get a name change? I don't think there's an item in game for it.
  11. After getting the news that the character name change voucher actually broke my character's name and I'll be unable to get the change I wanted for a year, I made my final attempt before I just live with the mistake I made for the next year. I PMed a dev. Are people allowed to PM devs? Who knows, hopefully I don't get in trouble. I don't even know if Rukkirii will even read it. But I figured I literally have nothing left to lose because it was evidently the intended purpose of the item and it was just a bizarre set of circumstances that broke it all. I bet they get swarmed with PMs though.
  12. Inventory space.

    the price of inventory space is sort of astronomical.
  13. Namechange voucher broke my character's name.

    Update: I just got a ticket response but I'm not really pleased about it. I asked them to clarify because I wasn't sure what was going on and I got this. So evidently, even if they fail, the namechange vouchers lock out names for an entire year and I won't be able to get a namechange as a result, because they count them as the same name. I guess that'd be something in the coding. So I wasted my money because this wasn't mentioned anywhere, got a refund that I didn't really care for because I still wanted my name changed, only to be told that I can't because that's the intended function of the voucher? Please, Devs, if you see this, I'm begging you, find some way to override this so I can get my name changed properly, I redacted my character name here because I'm paranoid (I had accidentally left it in and had to edit it out so mods and I assume devs can see previous versions of posts anyway) but if there's any way that this could be fixed, I'd be a life-long player/customer. This is really upsetting.
  14. Ncoin limit?

    I bought them from amazon several times. These are the Ncoin codes. You buy them and you apply the code to your account in the Ncoin tab.
  15. Ncoin limit?

    Use Amazon, you can buy codes for a small fee from them and apply them to your account. You can send in a ticket but they'll only lift the limit for a day and tell you to buy in that time frame.