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  1. Suggestion about Outfits

    We don't have to. If the developers had a brain, we could release shit not on the asian versions, like, for example, account-bound costumes. They did it with many other items, all they'd have to do is apply it to costumes and bam, we're unique.
  2. Mushin Tower 5th Floor

    Considering I did all 7 floors with shittier gear than you, you should have no problem.
  3. Instant Escape needs to be changed

    I only use this when I'm finished with faction quests, whether I'm being attacked or not idgaf, when I finish I'm out. I don't do faction wars to pvp, I do them for the soulstones (which btw unless you plan on spending shit loads of money, is the only way to get soulstones), faction insignias to improve my clan, and the miniscule money/exp rewards. I think that making soulstones a faction-only reward is bullshit but it is what it is. Other than that, I only use escape when I'm actually stuck, like in E Fleet when I use a red dragon pulse, and the platforms don't load in time so I fall down onto part of the boat or w/e it is underneath the steel grate platforms next to Poharan's spawn area.
  4. Suggestion about Outfits

    I'm not really saying outfit salvaging, just make them account bound and tradeable to your alts. That's it, really.
  5. Suggestion about Outfits

    Yes they would, but it's also their fault for throwing them away without waiting to see if NCSoft would incorporate something like this. I personally don't have issues with inventory space, and I've never bought a single dragon pouch ever. So I dunno what kind of shit they're saving lol
  6. So, I recently got the Dark Pirate King (or w/e its called) outfit, but sadly it's on my Female Lyn, so it's useless. I can't trade it in any form, can't salvage it for fabrics, so the only thing I can do is just discard it. This is bullshit though, and I've thought of a solution to this problem. Make the outfits untradeable, except for your own characters. I get why they're not tradeable, the market would be flooded with them and it would be another way to skip grinding. You want us to earn the outfits. Okay. What about the Valor Stones? Some outfits use those, and we can mail (to our alts) any unused or unneeded Valor Stones. Outfits should follow the same thing. That way, in case we get an outfit that's gender-exclusive, on a gender that can't wear it, we can mail it to an alt that can use it, instead of just throwing it away. It just seems pointless to allow us to get these outfits, but if we can't wear them, just throw them away? Some of these outfits have really bad drop rates, so that just seems like a waste of time. Thoughts?
  7. why?

    If the character is under level 16 (I think) then it takes 6 minutes to delete, otherwise yeah it's 7 days. Not 100% sure on this though. I can delete a level 4 in 5 minutes.
  8. I need to know if Summoner tank nerf was intentional.

    I noticed the Taunt being off when I'd use it, mob would initially run towards cat, but since my burst is pretty high, he'd run back to me while still in range of the taunt, while taunt was still happening. If our cat can't tank the mobs anymore, whats the point in building a tanky cat? You might as well be shoving a *cricket* in Summoner's ass because that kills about 80% of our PvE power.
  9. Will you quit B&S IF

    Oufits = Tits = 99% of the reason some people play. Understandable if they quit cus they can't get tits. Not really, no. idgaf about RNG boxes, at least its 100% chance of a key and at least 1 unsealing charm, and a chance at a moonwater stone, that's all I care about.
  10. Class question

    The first skill I chose to modify is Dragonchar (2), I changed it to the firebeam thing cus I suck at skill shots and it uses only 2 focus versus 5 (or 3 w/e), so I just alternate between Blazing Fist (LMB) and firebeam (2) to deal high damage, with an Impact (1) every now and then. Maint is still up so I can't see the name of the firebeam.
  11. Class question

    My FM is 17 atm and I just faceroll PvE (tho tbh PvE is stupidly easy atm)
  12. You can buy your specific Stalker class weapon on the marketplace. I do not think there is a level restriction on the marketplace because my level 6 noobie could buy it (to hell with RNGesus), and you get a free Viridian Poison by playing the quest, so you can't complain. Stalker weapons are NOT that expensive, a few copper at most, because they are the first evolution weapon, they are the easiest to farm (the boss is so easy even at low levels), and its only level 6. Just buy it and quit complaining about RNGesus screwing you over. And btw, spinning the wheel doesn't give you the weapon directly, just a RNG box that requires a key. So, tell more lies pls.
  13. Time to really kill the bots.

    Problem: Bots are spamming in-game Solution: Include a built in spam filter that learns to block new spam What happens after: Bots move to forums to spam. Can't win for losing...
  14. are their market bots??

    How about the 2-3 pages of 99x Viridian Poison all for the same price? That legit or is that dupes? Could be legit I suppose, but doesn't seem like it when you can stack more, but who buys 99 viridian poison anyways.
  15. Hajoon Tribute

    If you do not wish to experience this somewhat traumatic moment in the game, simply do not complete the final skill tutorial mission. It'll also lead to some interesting paradoxes later in the game when you're visited by the spirits of your dead Hongmoon bretheren, Hajoon included, even though you never finished the mission that he dies in. Oh, late spoiler alert. Meh, who cares, everyone's been at least that far by now.