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  1. Gender changing

    First of all... those 15 hours are strictly leveling up - excluding farming items, dungeons etc... (a lot of items are bound to your character, so you wouldn't be able to transfer those rare ones to your new character) But yeah sure... leveling up in BnS is extremely fast when compared to some older MMOs, but I would still rather buy a gender change than waste another 15+ hours for a new character. Those 15+ hours will be much better spent getting better equipment and improving my current character.
  2. Gender changing

    If it will come to CN, it will eventually come to EU/NA as well. The important thing is that something is happening.
  3. This has already been resolved. Check this link for more information:
  4. How do the Yun reproduce?

    try googling "Parthenogenesis"...
  5. Gender changing

    Yes, exactly. That's why I want to hear it directly from the devs whether implementing this is even an option.
  6. Gender changing

    Honestly, losing some outfits compared to creating a new same character is nothing. (at least for me) The devs also said they're working on a way to transfer outfits to your other characters, so they won't be completely useless even after you change genders. TERA imo had more issues regarding this but implemented it nonetheless. If it really can't be done - ok, I'll accept that... I just want THEM to say it whether it can't or can be done...
  7. Gender changing

    yes please.
  8. Another Gender Alter Thread

    I just want to know if this will ever be implemented.. I don't care whether it's yes or no...just want to know...
  9. She's beautiful.. ?

    Thanks. Gonna check it out.
  10. She's beautiful.. ?

    Wait a minute... I'm using the highest possible graphics settings and my characters don't look as detailed and good as on those pictures... what kind of black magic is this?
  11. Gender changing

    I also support this idea.