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  1. Tanking: How Does It Work?

    Along with the threat info stated above, You really need to use Q/E and have C set to i-frame. Z can be set for an i-frame as well for certain bosses. If you get knocked down, you're gonna lose threat and you're gonna lose aggro. Make sure you're keeping up with your dodges and i-frames. Having Z set for stun and then using V is a good double CC to prevent major attacks that'll kill your teammates.
  2. Mainly to force masters

    Just a heads up, as a FM... or any class, if you don't want aggro but you're pulling it, chill out on your DPS. Don't unload everything you possibly can or even stop offensive plays and only focus on defensive styles till someone else can pull aggro. It goes against what you want to do, which is deal as much damage as possible. But if you just control your DPS a bit better, you wont pull aggro. If you see the tank get knocked down, loosen up the DPS so he can build threat back up. Just waiting at the start isn't enough.
  3. what is the drop % of venture tokens

    I've been playing since early access and play all day every day and haven't gotten a single one from boxes... </3 I have however gotten the one from this new daily dash, as well as the old guaranteed one. So I've gotten 2 since early access started.
  4. Do you have the members? Did you deposit the gold and Insignias to the guild inventory?
  5. Herro I need herpu

    1) I can't help ya, I'd stick to the Hongmoon personally. But that's your call. 2) when you unlock bonus stats from an achievement you have to select to use it in the achievement window, as long as you have it active you'll get the bonus, but you can only have one boost from achievements at a time, so if you take 400HP you can't get 3Damage or the pierce bonus. At lower levels it can help but once you get to 45, you'll have 40,000 HP so 400 isn't that big of a deal. 3) You feed them to your weapon like you would other weapons. Save the green ones for highlevels, use the pink at lower levels.
  6. Grapple is missing! Help! -KFM-

    Grapple can be upgraded to/replaced by a buff called 'Fighting Spirit'. It is actually a very good skill and certainly worth having for PvE, but if you want your grapple back, look for Fighting Spirit in the tab section, then reset the skill points spent on it by pressing the reset button at the top of the window.
  7. Killing Lower Level Penalty

    Something like this may work, but just yesterday I had a level 38 (same player) try to attack me multiple times in multiple zones. It always ended in me saying "Really, again?" and killing them off easily, but there are stupid people out there, both low levels and high levels. Any automated system is going to have flaws for people. It'll either be too high and the people being killed will say it's ineffective or it'll be too low and the people defending themselves will be penalized for doing no wrong.
  8. Killing Lower Level Penalty

    Also, if I see 5 people bullying 1 player who's trying to do their faction quests, regardless of their levels I want to be able to help that player out. There are many situations where it would be utterly unfair to penalize for level gap killing. So something like an "Attacked first" mechanic wouldn't work well because in order to help the single player I'd have to jump in and get the entire group of opposing players to hit me before I could help, which again is going to lower my weapon durability and cost me money.
  9. Killing Lower Level Penalty

    As a max level I have to say I would be against this. I do continue to do my daily quests in all level zones, but I try not to kill anyone, even if they are my level. The reason I have to side against penalizing us for killing low leveled players is, Many of them will attack us. In the Scorching Sands when I'm farming my dailies trying to kill simple wandering guards and collecting the stones players will try to group up on me when I'm already fighting half a dozen NPCs, yes they don't hurt, but when they use knock downs it does kill my durability and they cancel my gathering with their little pecks. I usually give verbal warning before I OHKO them, and I never attack first, but I don't deserve to be penalized because they don't know when not to pick a fight. I shouldn't have to let them ruin my questing experience and kill my durability should I?
  10. Microtransactions?

    I don't mean to start a fight, so this will be my last post, but your argument is that the game is P2W because you consider it to be. That is not the case, you are just misusing the term. P2W refers to a game where players have an unfair advantage due to things only accessible through real world currency. For example, weapons and gear that are twice as strong as anything that can be earned in game. Not having to craft keys, and getting some extra inventory space quicker being called P2W is on par with saying the market place is disgusting because players with gold can just buy what they need instead of farming it like players without gold. The masses don't want to see a MMO that they HAVE to pay to play these days. So making a game subscription based is really a bad move for the companies. That's why so many subscription based MMOs move to F2P models, it just doesn't earn the kind of money and support that a game everyone has the chance to play does. As a premium member I would hate if the game was sub based because I don't always have extra money each month, so I would hate to put months of money and time into a game only to be locked out because I can't afford it. I'd rather pay prem when I can and still be able to play when I can't. Bottom line, this game has one of the most balanced pay/free ratios I've seen yet, and instead of whining about what people who spend money get, just consider it them ruining their own experience because the grind is part of the game.
  11. Microtransactions?

    As it has been said many times before, the micro transactions in this game are not P2W. They are simply Pay-2-Convenience. There is nothing in the item shop that you can get that can't be earned through normal play. The item mall is how F2P games stay in business.
  12. Why....just why

    The reason MMOs can't release a "finished" game would fall along the lines of how long their stories are, and how many quests, areas, and content are put into them. Simply put games of this nature can't survive if they don't work on an expansion system. Developers need to get paid in order to live and continue to work, Companies can't pay developers if they aren't making money. It's been over 12 years since the release of wow, longer if you take the years of development that went into pre-release and they are still releasing new content. If they waited till they exhausted all the content they wanted to add? That's over 15 years of work that isn't earning money. No company can survive that, the only games that would exist would be games made by people who were just doing it in the spare time while working full time jobs somewhere else to support themselves, and if you think games take forever to come out now imagine if they only had an hour or two a day to work on them instead of 8-10+. Releasing a game in segments allows players to enjoy a game, and allows developers and publishers to make money and continue to provide the further content we desire. All forms of media work in this fashion, Harry Potter wasn't a 4101 page book because they broke it up into segments and released it as they went. Same with Movie series and TV series. As for the cut content issue... They aren't "cutting content" in a case of a translated game. There is a lot of work required in converting a KR game to a NA version. It's just not changing dialog. The content we don't have yet is the content they are still working on delivering, not something they have tucked away neat and ready to go. It's a lot more than an official English patch after all, I know it's difficult to consider the business end as a necessity when so many companies will do anything to get the most money with the minimal amount of work possible, but "Because everyone else does it" isn't why it's okay. It's okay that everyone does it because if they didn't do it, we wouldn't get to play this awesome game at all.
  13. Someone explain this to me, please

    Yeah, personally I don't really like the system. I've failed too many times trying to make Gems for my weapons, and lost dozen and dozens of soul stones. It would be one thing if it just ate the money as a gold sink but you need so many soulstones and the fabric is so expensive to get, transmutation really isn't worth it.
  14. Someone explain this to me, please

    The top is the "On Success Price" the bottom items along with the money are what it costs per try. So if you have 3 HQ Fabric, 30 Fabric and 20 silver. You try to craft a outfit pouch but you fail. You now have 3HQ Fabric, 20 fabric and 15 silver. You try to craft it again and it is a success. Now you have 0 HQ Fabric, 10 Fabric, 10 silver and 1 Outfit Pouch. If you're really unlucky it can use a ton of fabric to make a box because you might fail half a dozen times. Hope this helps.