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  1. Dynasty - Recruiting members

    [Jinsoyun] - Cerulean Clan Name - Dynasty We are a newly formed clan, level 8, that currently has in its ranks 39 people. We have been playing and hanging out together for several months now and are proud to call ourselves a community. We have people with different ideals and backgrounds, but our goal is the same – to enjoy the game to its fullest. We are looking for friendly, English speaking people. We can offer: Good environment with people of all ages always ready to have a good laugh. Clan BT runs Clan VT/SK runs-second raid group is in the making HM Dungeons DKP system for bids What we need: Mains only. Priority is given to the following classes: Summoner, KFM, Destroyer, BD and Assassin. Raven 3+ (or less if your gear is balanced enough to make up for it). Able to do BT runs on Thursday evening and/or Sunday afternoon, VT/SK on Sunday/Monday evening. All our raids are posted in UK time. PVPers are also welcome. If you’re interested message @Sonori, @Stormflight or @Aec Talek in game.
  2. Chi Burst & Harmonize - wrong buff % given

    Thank you, did some further testing and that's what I was missing, the set bonuses. Cheers.
  3. I might be missing something but isn't supposed for Chi Burst to give 50% to MAX HP and Harmonize 100% MAX HP buffs? I'm getting 30% and 80% respectively. Is the tooltip/skill bugged or am I really missing something? I have HM skill unlocked for Chi Burst.