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  1. Please dont allow this this is a really BAD idea I support a 2nd captca after pin tho
  2. More topics like this will be issued if the problem is not solved especially in Arena seriously its flooded with bots
  3. Aurinya deleting my thread

    Incoming thread delete as usual...
  4. Bots are back again

    Just when you thought it was over with the spamming of bots, ladies and gentleman I present to you a whole new era of bots, we have bots that whisper, bots that do arena duels, bots that are sending friend request and you cannot block them, bots including emoticons with their gold advertising, bots that have subscriptions!! and the best part about it most of these bots are Destroyer classes. Hey NcSoft a new breed of bots is coming to town.
  5. Bots are back again

    yeah I know hopefully this upcoming patch changes everything
  6. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Bots are now figuring out a way to go around with the blocks. This Ayumegames bot is unblockable and no its not because the block list is full because 20 people have reported that they cant report or block him my block list is 5 and I cant block a bot??
  7. Hi can anyone tell me why my game keeps flickering the shadows on and off every time I enter a new area it is quite annoying. Is there anyway I can disable some option to stop the dimming or is this a bug?