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  1. turns around and around. is that a thing?
  2. Bots are ruining PvE in this game

    bots ruin games in general. need to remove all kinds of bots.
  3. The greatest thing youll ever lay your eyes on

    was not disappointed
  4. When does Valentine's event end?

    im going to assume 23rd
  5. HM Skill book drop rates too low

    yea wrong person on the 12 run thing mb. removing rng on the skill note, no. This is something you should be grinding as we are at end game atm till more content comes. 100g seems like a reasonable price to me, its a rare drop, its pretty nice to have, and quite helpful. So if were not grinding for our end game, then what are we going to do? As for this game, its suppose to be like this since this is an rng game, grinding and farming is needed. If you think grinding for skill is horrible, try going for Blackwyrm Claw. That ring is 400g on the market and theres only 1 or 2 I see everyday. Hell im at end game and im just farming for gold to buy the skill and use for other stuff when more content comes out.
  6. HM Skill book drop rates too low

    Yea there is nothing wrong with constructive criticism but when it involve rng there is nothing you can do about it. As I said before, you either super lucky or just plain unlucky. You put that you ran it 12 times and you're already complaining about it being super low. You can also buy them in the market ranging from 100-300g depending on the class. This is also part of your end game grinding that you have to do, just like moonwater trans stones.
  7. HM Skill book drop rates too low

    Is the skill more important than your time or is your time more important than the skill? idk about you but this is a free to play game with a lot of rng aspect in it. The only thing you should be worrying about is paid rng. You ether get super lucky or just plain unlucky on rng drop.
  8. HM Skill book drop rates too low

    Okay lets break it down, lets say someone is putting dog poo in my bag every single day. Who is putting the dog poo? lets say NC putting dog poo in my bag. I can simply ignore it and not take it with me. I could just buy something I want instead of taking the dog poo that appears in front of me every single day hoping that it'll be something else. No one is forcing me to take the dog poo with me and I certainly don't want to keep the dog poo.
  9. and why couldnt you just sell for 6hours?
  10. HM Skill book drop rates too low

    same with complaining about rng
  11. Valentine's Day Event reward

    they gave you chances to get it by rng. rng just isnt with you. Its not even that good too.
  12. HM Skill book drop rates too low

    dont like the grind? thats cool, dont get it
  13. Master Looting Ninja "GetMeHard"

    yea its gonna get deleted, you should send a ticket to support instead of defaming someone.
  14. Too many bots farming Profane Jianshi

    costume and accessory with weapon