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  1. What is this fool? This game isn't pay 2 win. I don't have 400g but I can tell you I have farmed far more than 400 g during my bns gameplay. My lv 31 alt alone have earned more than 100 g from crafting and selling.
  2. honestly, I don't see the benefit of this. I love boobies, but you don't even see them when you are playing the game. If you're the type of person who rotate 180 and shake around just to see your character's boobs jiggle, get a fking life..LOL
  3. Well, if you pay attention to the responses of your main, you will see that the main's response to NPCs become more aggressive and violent as the story progresses. It's interesting and refreshing story to be honest. Not many MMORPG main storyline goes dark like BnS. Usual MMORPG story goes: you're a hero, you save villages and people, and they thank you. Over and over again. But BnS shows character developement in terms of psychology as the story progresses. Main is more eager to help out people in beginning of the story, but as story progresses, the main uses more violence to convince other N
  4. You can discard outfits anytime you like. Except hongmoon and faction outfits.
  5. Dragon pouches. Buy them once to store your outfits. I bought my premium because of queue and queue only. I don't see necessity of wardrobe because I don't use it and I do just fine. Later in game, I might buy some more dragon pouches to store more outfits, and I'm perfectly fine with that. If you are running low on inventory at this point, that just means you're not managing it correctly. Only open boxes when you need them, grind things you don't need, and sell mats that you don't need at the moment.
  6. I get what you're thinking but like I wrote before, you can make 1 time purchase of dragon pouchs to store outfits. I don't do faction at this moment because I'm hard at farming money whenever I'm on, but there should be less than 8 faction outfits right? Also, if you are lacking in space, you can always sell mats/hammers you are not necessarily using. If you can sell, that means you can always buy back in market whenever you need them. I bet you have a lot of those food/keys/mats/weapons/soulshields in vault that you don't need at this moment.
  7. The way business works is they make small profit from multiple sources so even if it's small it's still profit. Besides, once NC allows this, f2p players will become much more aggressive on their demands knowing that NC listens. They need to be careful because there are so many people in this generation who mistake generosity for entitlement.
  8. Sell your mats. you can always buy em when you need em. I've been sitting at lv 45 for about a week now. If I need some space, I just sell knowing that mats will be much cheaper as the game ages.
  9. You have it. Buy the dragon bag thing to expand your vault.
  10. That is like saying: I bought a phone so you guys should provide me a phone case for free because if I'm not careful, I might break it. I don't know why but people demand so much from games when they know it is not logical in real world situations. When you buy outfit from cash shop, you get what you get. You are not allowed to demand something that is not included in sale description. Just like when you go to best buy and buy a laptop, you don't demand free laptop cooler to go with the laptop.
  11. They are demanding for something that is not necessarily needed to play the game. I really hate these kind of people who thinks they are entitled to free stuff because it's F2P. F2P means you can play for free. Wardrobe doesn't give any stat so it's not needed to play the game. Also, don't say they rob your money or something along that line. They don't rob you. Even if you write it like a joke, it becomes a problem when the trend continues. Can't believe there are people who demand for something like this.
  12. Summoner is easy in beginning to mid level because the cat can tank. But in later dungeons, cat can't tank solo even with heal F and Z. Aggro control is needed because cat does not aggro well. Q can aggro for short period of time. Few RMB, boss mob jumps at you. Cat can tank some dmg but can't replace a tank character. In higher level, summoner is a glass cannon dps/utility. You use 4F to give stealth to party members, F for some support, 1 for roots, and RMB for dps. Well, it's hard to call summoner dps at this point because her dmg mechanic is clunky but it all changes after lv 5
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