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  1. REALLY picky players pt. 2

    Sure, running dungeon is not all about dps. Players need to know what the hell they are doing. But with profane weapon, even if you know what the hell you are doing, you can never do enough because of your 350 AP. Dungeon does require understanding of mechanisms, but gear is also required. I wonder.. will you say the same for let's say people joining dungeon with blue dokumo weapon? There is always acceptable cut-off line, and for me, profane feels not much different from dokumo weapon in naryu. Check your brain before you start calling someone stupid. And grow up.
  2. Some of you don't understand tho. Naryu is pretty special in that team has to divide to defeat 3rd boss. High DPS is NECESSITY in this dungeon. You can call me an elitist, I don't give a f*ck. Those people with true profane does not deserve to be in naryu. Nor does people with <370. Why? Because they are not ready and can't do sh*t. You know why those <370 come to naryu? Because they want money and want to get carried. They are lazy and greedy players. And I hate them all. Tell me people. Is it fair for those legit players who actually contribute in clearing dungeon to carry those dead weights?
  3. full metal armor costume

    Just a simple suggestion for NcWest. Not sure if NcWest can sell their unique costume, but some people might really like full metal armor costumes. I play female characters because I like boobies, but I can see some players with male characters might want some serious warrior look instead of corset+garter belt+angel wings kinda look.
  4. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    This guy don't know what he's talking about. It's all about knowing mechanics and skill. 3rd boss might need bit more dps, but true pirate is not necessary. If you are running 6 men naryu with true pirate, you must be really unskilled because you should run 4 men. True pirate for naryu 6..LOL Hell, you can duo naryu 4 with true pirate gears and true siren acc. If you don't like carrying, find another true pirate and duo.
  5. What is this fool? This game isn't pay 2 win. I don't have 400g but I can tell you I have farmed far more than 400 g during my bns gameplay. My lv 31 alt alone have earned more than 100 g from crafting and selling.
  6. Timer for Floor 8 first boss is way off t

    I think that's for 2nd and 3rd stage. 1st stage has shorter enrage timer, I think. But much easier. Honestly, I didn't have problem until 3rd stage. 1st and 2nd stage are just breeze.
  7. Not necessarily saying you are, but it makes me wonder how many actual people may be using purchased bot programs and claim they are human when they are banned. I can't help but think like that when I see people desperately try to relieve ban on their 1 month old characters. If I was banned, I would just quit and claim chargeback through PayPal.
  8. Need DPS meter in the game.

    Wow, can't believe this post is still alive. Okay, I think I mention what I posted again for some people to understand. I did mention DPS meter but I also mentioned it should have amount of damage taken, CC per minutes, and etc to let other players know what type of contributions were made by other party members. I know KFM is not specialized in DPS, and good KFM can make good contributions in dungeons. So it's not all about DPS specialized class, but also other classes. Some of you mention "elitist" behavior, but let's make it clear that it's not about "elitist" sheit. It's about staying competitive. Reason I mentioned about DPS meter is because BSH boss has enrage timer. Your party has to have certain amount of DPS to clear the dungeon! Don't you guys understand that? It's not all about kicking bad players, but it may come as a good reference when clearing dungeons that have enrage timers. Honestly, I don't think DPS meter will be included in the game because I know NCSoft has better things to do than making DPS meter. I made this thread because I was overwhelmed with consecutive BS in dungeons where me and my friend having to finish the dungeon duo. Look people, everyone wanna run through dungeon with minimum effort, and DPS meter can help with that, no doubt. Besides, you people say toxic, but god dam, some people in dungeon give me cancer. SERIOUSLY. What is wrong with you people? When you work on a project in real world, you don't wanna have dead weight dragging it down. It sounds like you guys wanna defend slackers and call hardworking people toxic when they call em out. Slackers deserve to insulted. Period.
  9. Need DPS meter in the game.

    You can call me jerk or a hole. But remember this: at the end of the end, I try hard to do as much as I can do in whatever people party I'm in, and I know there are either people who do not deserve to be in the group or who are geared enough but doesn't try hard enough. If there's a person who doesn't know how to fly in BSH, it's okay, and I understand because I know that at some point, we are all noobs. However, I don't tolerate players who just goes into cross server BSH with profane ss or infernal weapon. I call out to them and tell them they don't do jack sheit. Now, you tell me. Who is the real jerk or a hole. If you think I am an a hole for calling out those free loaders, so be it. Running BSH isn't a big deal, but people who just come without preparing anything (i.e profane ss or infernal weapon) are just disrespectful in my book. In dungeon, it's a team game, and if they don't do jack sheit, I will call them out and insult them anytime. Call me whatever you want for it.
  10. Need DPS meter in the game.

    As I mentioned, DPS, dmg taken, and CC per minutes. Every class has its specialty.
  11. We need to have DPS meter in the game to compare with DPS of other party members. Not only DPS but also damage taken, CC per minutes, and etc. so we can know who is bad player and who isn't. We need solid evidence to insult other party members if they are not doing anything. Who knows, maybe you can also use this DPS meter to ban bots.
  12. Nah, this is unnecessary. Who wants that dam door with a huge X on it? That is ridiculous. I like insta kill fire. Haven't you guys never been kicked into the wall of fire in BSH cobalt/scarlet boss? Man, I really liked it. It was like the boss was using that fire wall as part of its combo. Insta kill firewall is good in my book.
  13. Bidding for someone else's weapon

    Well, I don't do it, but I really don't mind. I raised an alt yesterday and went to get blight weapon. I had someone bid few silvers for it, and I didn't mind paying up to 50 silvers for a blight weapon. If the bid went over 50 silvers, I planned to drop the bid and do another run, but that didn't happen. I paid 40 silvers, but I didn't mind because I had some money in my main, and I wanted it to just finish my run. At the end of the day, the choice is yours to pay for it or not. If not, you just have to do another run. simple as that. Other players letting you have weapons that you need is a form of generosity. It's not an obligation. If other bidders try to milk you, let them do it and drop out if the bid goes too high. Honestly, I don't even see what the problem is.
  14. Larger breasts size

    honestly, I don't see the benefit of this. I love boobies, but you don't even see them when you are playing the game. If you're the type of person who rotate 180 and shake around just to see your character's boobs jiggle, get a fking life..LOL
  15. Real money blockade

    I don't know what kind of game you have been playing but BnS is very far from pay 2 win. I'm a summoner myself, and I rarely get hit in mushin tower so having low HP is just an excuse. I'm new to BnS myself (just started playing after official launch) but I'm enjoying every contents in this game without paying. As for mushin tower, you just have to use 1, 4, and q well. Mushin tower is extremely easy as summoner, and when I say extreme, it's not an exaggeration. When I first started doing mushin tower, I probably died 7 or more times at 7th floor. (I even purchased field repair tool) But once you get the hang of it, 7th floor becomes extremely easy. I'm not top tier geared, but I can clear him with almost 3 minutes remaining from his enrage mode. In short, you're just not good enough.