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  1. On February 8, 2016 at 8:59 AM, ryrich said:

    I miss the fully choreographed dance commands that Cabal had. (/dance2 would have the player dance to the entire song of "Tell Me" by the Wonder Girls xD)


    Being an originally Korean game, I'm surprised BnS doesn't have this hahaha. 


    link if interested

    Lynns have "Starlight Moonlight" by Secret !! Yuns have references to a popular old korean dance called "Adult Ceremony" or "Coming of Age Ceremony"


    There's also parodies by bns dancing to Secret's Shy Boy and Girls Generation having a song for BnS specifically 

  2. I'm constantly trying to keep my tickets alive but i'm exhausted of the vague replies i keep getting. They don't care anymore and i don't know what to do anymore heh cri. I was really expecting a fix in the recent updates but woohooo i guess not.

    Anywho Gons, Lyns, and maybe some Jins (recent comparisons) look fine after the "fix" but personally Yuns look like ugly mushrooms.

  3. man.. i just wish the original was set to what it was supposed to look like at release. I had other options  other than this dumb bugged hair ._. makes me mad bc i was about to buy the valentines outfit but i look like a cricketing drug addict now. NCSOFT PLEASE NOTICE US FOR ONCE PLEASEEEEEEEE

  4. 2 minutes ago, Dowra said:

    Personally, I liked the longer looking head. I wanted my girl to look "creepy". Now its more "kawaii" and round.  This is the head I wanted:

    Its not about what other people think looks better, its about the look that I choose in the first place.  Head shape aside, no one wants to be sporting a bald spot.

    omg this is what i was trying to comprehend 

  5. 16 minutes ago, Tsono said:

    that is not slightly off.. its way off.. if you spent a good amount of time getting a char the way you like, then log in one day and its different no matter how small people from outside think it is,... to you (the person that spent the time creating it) it is completely ruined.


    left is the new version right is the old.. with the patch my head is now too small for my body type.

    ugh atleast you look good regardless. 

    I'm hoping ncsoft is hearing us outt im like happy im not the only one oml

  6. 16 minutes ago, Redmonster said:


    I think the hat making it look "normal" is just because with a different hairstyle there's no point of reference back to the "right" face. Have you overlaid them to see if the face is different? Specifically on Teshy's post, where post screenshots are directly head-on, the face looks like it'd be pretty identical if you overlaid them. It only appears different overall because the height of the hair is different, so it makes the second head look more squat.

    sadly i can't overlay pictures like that since i have never screenshotted my char as close as she did before patch props on her tho :x but here's a closer comparison.


    on top of that, here's a beautiful side of the changes



  7. 6 minutes ago, xSonatax said:

    On the first page, there is a "sticky" about dupliacted posts that i think most ppl dont even bother in reading.

    You don't need a new thread to get more evidence, you just need more ppl posting in the first one, not repeating threads.

    The hair couldn't stayed like that because as I said, it was wrong from the beginning.. the base of the hair was extremely longer it didnt even look normal at all, I was gonna take screenshots to compare with the rest and send it but then I just got lazy and figured they will fix it anyways.

    And they did..

    Now all you can do is send a ticket explaining you based your character head on that hair style and "maybe" you'll get a voucher, but let me tell you, that you should have CHECKED the way your character look with diff hair styles after you were done making the face to make sure all the shapes were ok, you would have noticed your face was too wide then. Why checking with different hair styles? because we get many hats and adorments in game, that change the way the hair looks.

    They fixed something that was wrong, and I'm sorry for all of you that "adapted" the face to go with the hair, but that's nobody's fault.

    sorry  didnt know forums had specific rules LOL and im also sorry for not knowing how the original hairstyle looked like, i liked the hairstyle so i chose it ( it was big and fluffy that made my character look somewhat cute).  im not a dumbass of course i checked all the other hairstyles, If i'm going to make a complaint about a hairstlye why wouldnt i have checked the other hairstyles? As you can see i'm very picky with my character and have countlessly deleted many but i ended up with this one so i maxed it out.


  8. 2 minutes ago, xSonatax said:

    Ok let me explain this before we keep getting more duplicated posts, because OP "Dason" already posted here First post but decided it was necesary to open a NEW thread on the matter...


    Faces and skins tones DID NOT CHANGE. NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT.

    Now, this is what happened. That specif hair style was one of the new ones we got on release (along with the new hair colors) I liked it but I did not use it because the hair looked "wrong" you didn't need to have an eagle's eye to see that the hair was almost twice "longer" than normal, and making your head look like freaking 3 mts long. Now they fixed the hair to look normal, and hell i love it.

    The problem is, the ppl that "based" their head/face on the old hair, most likely made the faces a bit "wider" to balance the head overall appearance, and now, with the fix, their faces "look" wider than normal

    sorry i felt like making a new thread with more evidence would make my reason stronger.

    Also if the hair remained how it was in the beginning, it should have stayed like that. Many players chose that hairstyle because of the way it looked, making changes in later updates doesnt make any sense at all. It's all in opinion. Sure you love it now but its not like you didn't like it before.

    You are right as well, nothing changed but the hairstyle

  9. 1 minute ago, Teshy said:

    Have the same problem. It's the hairstyle that got bugged or w/e.
    Already contacted support about it but no answer yet.
    My character looks horrible  now. I cri. Please fix this or hand out appearance changers. Q_Q I dont want to play like this. 

    ugh this is what i was looking forrr, literally been playing with a mask or a deva helmet. I sent support aswell hoping for an update fix or an alteration ;(

  10. 6 minutes ago, tailstiger said:

    your a boss at photoshop. all your 'after' shots have a different skin tone to your original shot. so you already paid for an altercation token to your trolling like a boss. my money is on the latter


    troll attempt 10/10

    i tried really hard on making a comparison so i went to the places i could remember .-. and also this game has great lighting effects so ya 

  11. 7 minutes ago, Vellica said:

    Looks like they shortened the "forehead" of the hair. Cover the top of her head on the before picture with your thumb and see if she looks more like the after picture.


    edit: Also wtf they changed "location" to "server" and I can't find a way to change it. The esteemed Michigan server, everyone. ;_;

    this hairstlye is a cursee

    LOL server: Michigan

  12. 5 minutes ago, GnatB said:

    Interesting.  I looks like she got horizontally stretched.  Any chance your aspect ratio got switched to a 4:3 ratio even though you're on a widescreen monitor or something?

    none of my settings got changed except for the notifications which was required on log in, when i equip a helmet ( deva helm, jianshi helm) i look exactly the same from the old pictures i took