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  1. Until this event (plus them switching to new orbs to remove all current stock) MOML in Cold Storage ALWAYS meant loot for Kaari ONLY!! This event made people get greedy and lay claim to winter's loot as well. It was never this way before, despite how often in this thread people claim otherwise.
  2. Ok so let me make sure I have this straight: Stones Solars 25 A Grand Celestial Soul Shield chest 1 is 25 Lavendar Nightstones. 25*4 25*6 Each Lavendar Nightstone costs 4 Solar Energies plus 6 Tawny Nightstones, which makes 100 Solar Energies and 150 Tawny Nightstones. (25*4)*8 (25*6)*1 Each Tawny Nightstone costs 8 Verdant Nightstones and 1 solar energy. ------------- -------------- 800 300 300 solar energies???? at 4 per day that comes to 75 days of d
  3. Would you rather they went back to the original? Those items when they dropped had a minimum bid of 100g built in.
  4. This is by design! When the rest of us got to the same point, those were the top dungeons in the game. Many ran them hundreds if not thousands of times. (see achievements for doing it 100 times) What you're suggesting seems to be let new players skip ever more content and give them for free even more goodies we had to work hard for. The main story already gives away a whole lot, and doesn't teach the necessary skills for the higher content as it is.
  5. Rychael

    HQ bug bomb

    It shouldn't take TT level DPS to do. You're supposed to collect the things she drops to go past Raven weapons. You saying a party full of raven-equipped people can do that? Or is this dungeon now only passable via carry?
  6. Rychael

    HQ bug bomb

    Still no fix for this??? Totally unfair to make the raid unfinishable for the majority of players when you added special rewards for completing it. Nice extra bonus for the whales while shafting people who had previously been clearing Hive Queen.
  7. Apparently you think the "pay to get anywhere" model is what should be adopted? If you're trying to run on the bleeding edge, maybe you can afford to be paying thousands of gold.... but for the average player the amount of gold from quests and weeklies doesn't number in the hundreds - much less thousands.
  8. Just got up, logged in, and saw that login rewards shows 23 hours 20 minutes until it next resets, but still showing all rewards have been collected.
  9. No. The new upgrade system shows alternate paths, so choose one or the other to upgrade with.
  10. Moonwater transformation stones can still be found on the auction.
  11. Why do people keep perpetuating this myth? Have you bothered looking at your resource monitor? My Core I5 sees a well-distributed load from client.exe across 4 cores.
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