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  1. Dojo is full of authoritarian mods they be friendly with you when you compliment the game and when you dare to say one critque you get flagged for baiting people, like how am I to have free speech when someone thinks I am baiting someone. Its no surprise people who defend devs like that kind of nonsense.
  2. You're telling me his isp is garbage and ncsoft does no wrong? wow things people do to stump
  3. Thats dishonest and you know that they leave because rng is hard and game right now sucks, to say they got bored is an understatement they got bored for a reason 1. Weapon upgrade costs are lowered but over 50%, accessories will be lowered after october 5th (True) 2. You now get the weapons you need through quests and surveys. (Thats semi dishonest you only get this up to moonwater and barely silverfrost this still does not help the community) 3. Barely see any bots anymore and spammers, its a cintinuous battle with them not something they can fix.(Lies,Lies and more
  4. I agree some of his complaints is nitpicking but still to just say buh bye is just rude
  5. Begone troll this man has his displeasure, albeit some were nit picking but that is his right to say it Personal insults on the poster will get you no where and you wonder why new people leave the game OP I dislike the gathering of mats, The RNG and basically thats it
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