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  1. First of all, I don't understand why people are defending plagiarism. I did not have to "SEARCH" the entire internet for flaws in the contestant's artwork. Just by looking at it for the first time, I knew the Olivia outfit and Sakuya hairstyle were copied since I am a fan of both those characters. I don't play FE so I would not have caught that, but if this many people complain about it being too similar, there's something wrong. There's no salt in this, I barely play BnS anymore and I was not a contestant. I don't know anyone in the contest either. I just hop on BnS from time to time, but seeing how someone plagiarized to win is 100% unfair especially to the ones who put time and effort into their submissions. To those who say that FF7 has been plagiarized, no it has not. Aion, BnS, Revelations Online, they all have the "Cloud" hairstyles but they are drawn by their own artists in their own style. Even the Miku hairstyle in BnS, yes one could say it's a reference to Miku, but if you compare Miku's bangs to the Powharan's, it's different, that and the art style is different. Hairstyles can be reused, but if you take a look at the hair accessory along with the way she drew the hair, it is obvious she TRACED the original and tweaked it. All the strands flow in the same direction and yes you can draw a similar hairstyle, but it doesn't require it to be 100% a copy of one. One winged angel is way too generic be claimed as plagiarism SAME WITH kitsune masks as that is from Japanese culture. To put it in visual terms. This is not okay.
  2. Just realized, that hair for the Gon literally looks like a trace over of Sakuya from Touhou (Touhouvania version)
  3. Not even just that, the boob armor and the crest in the middle have the same concept, even the skirt on both designs are pleated skirts. The overall silhouette is the same and even the belt is located in same place just design differences i.e. wider belt.
  4. Take a look at his/her Jin outfit. The resemblance is striking between her design and Olivia from Rage of Bahamut.
  5. Show off your characters!!

    My Jin, Kun, and Lyn~ They're like a happy family! \o/ I mostly play my FM though. Annnnd my poor Male Jin has yet to have a role yet. XD Not sure what to make him.