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  1. Cosmetics being account bound

    I wouldn't say it would stop me from playing the game, but I definitely have no more plans to buy any cosmetics. There are plenty of fine outfits in game I'll get for free. There's no reason to spend 15 dollars on an outfit that can only be on one character when I can get outfits just as good, for free, on ALL of my characters. I just don't see the logic here.
  2. I don't know about you guys but when I bought an outfit for 15 dollars of NCoin, I made an assumption that the outfits would carry over between characters for 15 dollars. But each outfit is only usable for one character. Why is this the case? It feels like money grabbing, Once I made a new character only to find out that the outfits don't carry over, I actually wished I could go back in time and refund that NCoin because it just felt like NCSoft was intentionally trying to rip me off.