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  1. Well the physical servers are all in USA, reason why players at EU suffer from high ms, they didnt bother to make physical server to EU and just tell you they cant fix the internet which is funny due EU haveing 2x the normal ms to theyr server is kinda theyr doing when they decided to go cheap, Currently NCSoft is rank 1 in haveing worst quality server in EU. But yeah doesent matter if you play at NA or EU server from EU you still have same ms with both which is epicly funny.
  2. If you have the GeForce experiance installed then get rid of it, quaranteed it will help with fps. I dont know why but it seems to drop the fps in bns and at some other games.
  3. Well what can i say took me 3 days to dl game files + all updates, what goes for support then well i get they try to be helpful but they should read content you send them more carefully. hopefully new 64 bit client will fix things and make game maby lag less bcs cant find a single spot for stable fps anymore.
  4. Well problem is obvious i guess, if updates go via torrent then just shows all are leeching only what makes the download speeds to pretty much 0, C an say big thank you to ncsoft to setting it that way. Only thing i get via ticket is automated crap asking my pc specs, what has not a damn thing to do with theyr sided issues, but they allways have blamed players on everything rather than admitting thyr own fails.
  5. So decided to return and well get a suprise of theyr download service is worse than ever, i am running on 10MB/s dl speed never had had problems eaven with this in past but this is epic crap to be honest, starts with solid speed what it should be, stays there a moment and then starts counting down like a bomb.. till pretty much ends at 0, stays downloading with 100-200 bytes only....
  6. I mained KFM in Japanese server and doing it in EU here aswell, its far from easy to play it well, takes alot effort, practice and research. It´s dmg in PVP, PVE is amazing if you know what your doing.
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