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  1. Then why are you telling me to change the settings and get the top end PC if there wouldn't be any drastic change. Bad optimized from the start but now its "worse". It may not be the same for everyone, but I'm sure it has gotten worse for me. What loot that is so valuable you get from the quest? Please tell me and be more specific. Everyone knows gathering and crafting is not a game changer because the time and cost of materials. Did you really think I've only done one thing in BnS and called it quit? How about give me the run down of what you do to get gold? Give me the amount of
  2. I used to like BnS and I want to like it again. Right now I want to address, it is going downhill. (I've already made a post about this) Feedback is very important, negative or positive. It's a tool for anyone to be better.
  3. I can't reply to each one of you but this one caught my attention the most. xxxAoi, Who are you fooling? I'm happy everything is working out for you. I'm sure more than 50% of us have already quit for various reasons. Open your eyes. First off BnS is notorious for being bad optimized. Google it to see how many complaints about it. I'm not going to get so technical about this BUT this is an obvious issue. And if you think BnS is invested in a good hosting server. You can keep believing. LOL "The daily challenges alone can give you 15+ gold." You talk like 15+gold is a
  4. From KFM perspective, "clock runners" are the most annoying opponents in PVP. Any class that runs away more than 16m, please uninstall. BDs and SINs are notorious for this. Burn all skills then run. However, TOI is a different ballgame. BD- resists and grab. They hardly do any spins, but that one resist skill is always up. They also grab you for full 7 secs and there's no way in hell to use counter "2" to escape unless you TAB. Yes, they run away often and only gets close when they stab you(stun) and aerial combo. They dont even do any damage. BD is probably top 1 time waster in my
  5. I have the same issue. I've never seen a mysterious crystal dropped from Cold Storage. Most of my clanmates and I have already decided we are not going to resubscribe due to different reasons. There arent anything worth anymore being a premium member. BnS is going downhill. Poor management by NCSoft.
  6. That is why Im making this post. Why wont make it worth for everybody? Dont worry, most of us stopped doing it. Did you even read my post, @PooHie? Make it a little worth it for everybody. Don't exaggerate that we want a guaranteed 1000g.
  7. I am done. I am sure you have noticed that a good chunk of people stopped playing. Here is what I think why. -6v6 battles are determined by number of summoners in your team. No one dies anymore because sum heals the entire party way too much (IMO), and on top of that, everyone has high hp now. Making it extremely slow pace for everybody. This is worst in WWV battles, not so much in Beluga. -Not enough content to farm. Farming gold is unbelievably slow! I'm aware quest gives you gold but thats only a one time deal. After completing quests, what else is there to do? High dungeon
  8. Exactly! It is a waste of time! There is no one in NCSoft would like to come in and overlook these issues. Im not talking about just daily challenges. Im talking about in general!
  9. I find it hard to believe that you get 10g "all the time". I wouldn't be making this post if that was the case. How does my suggestion will make it substantially easier for everyone? I honestly do not get it. What is 10g nowadays? It takes an average of one hour completing the Daily Challenges. Why can it give something more than Sogun Quest Rewards? LOL It is more boring when people are so lazy running these dungeons because they hardly get anything from it. annd WOAH 1000g? Calm down. Stop exaggerating foo. How is this alternative? This is more like primary thing in bns. You
  10. some gold? or mostly just 1g or none at all? How often do you actually get 10g, 100g, or 1000g? I believe most of us aren't that lucky at all. My suggestion was to make the daily challenges more satisfying 100% and not by chances. Spending an hour completing these challenges, doesn't feel pleasing most of the time. I think it safe for me to say "everytime". I think making it guaranteed to get 10g everytime will not hurt at all. It's not even enough to buy an ornament but atleast it will add up by completing it everyday.
  11. @Zuzu Just because you posted almost a thousand times, does not mean you are more priority than the rest. OP is obviously not an active forum user but he made his first thread about what he feels an ongoing issue. Back to the topic. I am aware that they have already increased the drop rate of the Draken Necklace. Is it enough? In my opinion, I don't think so. It still feels like there wasn't a change. I have the neck and ring legendary but I still feel like they should increase it a bit more for others.
  12. Completing Daily Challenges should be more rewarding and satisfying. This what takes most of our time in BNS but it is one of the least satisfying. Please we are burnt out running these dungeons and we haven't seen any light completing it. I suggest an additional reward of 10 Gold when completed. It's either increase the chance of getting more gold or just make it guaranteed we get something out of it. Please fellow crickets, please help me address this to NCSoft, and help this post not get buried. Thanks for the consideration.
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