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  1. Fix sin bugs

    I dont care if you nerf my class to the ground, we get new sin bugs after every patch atleast fix the bugs because this is getting really pathetic that we have to deal with this. Ability's are straight up not doing anything while they hit. I can name up 20 bugs atleast that are known already and been here for so long and still not fixed. Seriously this is sad.
  2. Huge FPS drop since last patch

    Can you post a screenshot with GG running?
  3. Huge FPS drop since last patch

    Same problem Intel i7 6700k Nvidia 1060 6g gtx 16g ssd win 10 64bit When 64 bit was released everything worked fine untill the Gameguard "fix" came it got messed up and now that they disabled gameguard its still somehow messed up. I get 30-40 fps in openworld without anyone around while on 32bit its 121 fps, Raids are straight up unplayable on 64bit. I honesly dont know if this is a Nvidia problem or Blade and soul client problem but it sucks... and yea I have the lastest drivers and the did the obvious things people suggest, nothing works
  4. This happened twice to me in one day, I made a ticket and got an automated response back. What I wonder is if this is even against the TOS ? Will they even punish the players that do this because this is just going to happen more and more until it is fixed.