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  1. as i said the root, freeze is not an issue here. its not hard to avoid, there is ton of way to get out from freeze, root.... the problems i got here is the charge disappear effect which will block our core combo skills... like assassin ''1'', ''C'' or in Stealth mode ''3'', like BD ''2'', ''X'' or in lightning mode ''RMB''. I already know that BD spin remove root, or Sins counter to gap close but when these charge skills is blocked its very hard to manage a full combo without a knowledge when it come to available. Cuz i can't see the debuff on my screen
  2. Guys this thread is only looking for a tips not crying or whining anything about OPness. So feel free comment if you want to help. I do have really hard time to manage these ice/chill stack from FM as i don't really know how long it will last on my body (someone said its 10s) but i can't see the debuff on my screen so its very hard to manage and use an resist skill in time to make sure they cant stack ice/chill on me again. Another is does ''SS'' also remove charge disables or just remove only root? Without Charge skills its seem like impossible to give a opening stun-lock combo on them. How many Ice/chill stack they need on us to disappear our charge? If u guys have some important information about their core ice/chill stack skill and how it animation look like plz do tell me know. PS! Right now im playing Assassin and BD, (little KFM but not full lv)
  3. Plz relix ur tits and stop ur bullshiettt right here and now. im begging you. Who the hell said that KFM got disadvantages vs SMN?? no one KFM complain about dying for SMN... But there is ton and ton of ppl with assassin complain about dying for SMN, So whys that? why always assassin complain about dying for SMN but not Destroyer, FM or KFM????? Because the fking disadvantages assassin got vs SMN. I know yeahh ofc there is a counter pve build for assassin vs SMN but in that build you have to going well like in 60%-80%of the time match or if u have just make 1 mistake just 1, you gonna see the nightmare about it. Once in that 3 min SMN can take hit, SMN can freely using TaB, SMN can make alot of mistake but when a assassin make 1 mistake and got the flower in their head, got grappled, they will lose alot of their hp and SMN heal back. WTF?? i can agree in matches if u make mistake you are punished and losing hp but what the hell is the healing which will heal them more than 40%-50%. So in the end in that match Sins Vs SMN, u cant make mistake or it will cost you a life, That is calling DISADVANTAGES sins vs SMN I still not telling a disadvantages BM vs SMN yet but right now i got really tired with you Just look at this and keep calling balance for yourself. They are top 5 players ohh welll there is so many pro SMN LOL:::: not SMN it self is OP Edited 56 minutes ago by elliv
  4. is that from Na Server right?
  5. early on in my post i was trying to show you only for the balance thing when lv 50 contest come but right now u think it is balance? i dont think so, you think its fair that some class vs some class? I disagree with you its just your thinking not my. As for the post when i was response to FMP's its not because he posted ''it's balanced'' quotes but because the ''You just suck''. For me when someone told me im suck i have every right to tell them back that shut your mouth about BnS. So what about you? if someone tell you that you suck, what are you going to tell them?? ''Thank you so much''?? As for my first first first first post on this thread just only talking about summoner thing not whining or complain about anything else
  6. Lets me make this clearly to you summoner boy (im sure you are 100% summoner player). Game is balance around lv 50 contest with every classes have all their legendary skills like when assassin get their decoy which give them 2s immunity or BM get their block which heal them and give shield or KFM with more option skills etc etc...... We are not talking about future patch so plz dont and stop talking about future patch as whos know when it will come?? Right now im not saying that this game is balance or im not either saying its unbalance at all. Some class have some skill that will give them to much advantages vs other class and thats why it will make SMN in this patch really strong Example SMN vs Assassin, SMN have 1 skill, only 1 skill which is hell short CD (18s) and they can freely dps Sins for the whole 5s-10s without scary that they going back into stealth anymore. Sins without stealth = trash = dead. So look a while at assassin skills do they have any skills that can block SMN healing nope but the game dont have any skills like that which will make a SMN so strong right now compare to some class that does not have much healing like assassin or BM (stop talking about practice plzz... i have all these 2 class maxed) So in the end i want to ask you something did u really read my comment above?? lol... i didnt say anything about balance or unbalance thing. i was talking about only for the summoner healing!!! OM Godnesss when the hell i was talking about unbalance or balance thing?????????
  7. Shut your mouth if u dont know anything about BnS
  8. I think The thing that SMN always got an advantages compare to other class is the healing, the heal is too much really, heal from the cat, heal from skills heal from everything anything they do. Their healing may go over 50% hp pool if they got full combo on other class. Im fine with the cat or SMN dps cuz it is a part of the summoner already. Cat have CC other class have CC too, Summoner have dps on full combo so do other classes have dps on full combo too but the healing is just too much.
  9. Summoner: PvE is OP, PvP is Underpowered

    i have all 3 class maxed and as fair i can tell u that there is no way, i said no way someone already have 7 class maxed within 2 months dude. Yeah it is possible to get 1 class maxed out within 1 week. My 3nd class i played it like crazy, i rushed it like crazy, over 8h-10h per day and yet i got it to lv 45 in 7-9d but it was a nightmare there is no way someone will play over 10h per day everyday over 2months man, We are human not machine!!!! AS for your second i don't really understand what you wanna say. my point was SMN is not under power in pvp. They are strong as hell! Did you read the thread at all or just read my comment?? >->
  10. Summoner: PvE is OP, PvP is Underpowered

    Shut ur fking mouth if u dont know about pvp PLZZZZZ!!! What tha hell are you talking about?? Wait wait im a little confused did u talking about BM or SMN?? LOL::::::: SMN is under power in PVP LOL.... Nice Joke dude Another stupid liar. The game is released just 2 months in NA/EU and you have all classes!!!! or oh yeahhh they are all lv 1 i see
  11. How to fight SM as sin?

    Yeahh SS will give u 8m and RMB will will give u about 12m, so its 20m plus the distance the summoner were away from u in the first time, will make around 20m-30m and in most case its enough to make the summoner drop targeting u. Just make sure that you are not going the wrong way
  12. How to fight SM as sin?

    yeahh i mean their cursor so either u can use SS+RnB to get away or using ur Lotus flower on the ground if its far away from the summoner. As Long as they drop cursor targeting on you their flower will disappear. Never ever use ''decoy'' or ''Q'' to close the distance between u and them while their flower is active if u used it by an accident just use ''C'' immediately to give u 2-3s immunity and buy u some time
  13. How to fight SM as sin?

    oh and idk if u already knew this best information and every assassin should know about it that their flower have 1 weakness, the flower will disappear every time when the summoner drop targeting u. If u already knew it then just ignore this post.. ^^
  14. How to fight SM as sin?

    For everybody who say that u have to put the that unconscious and fight the smn along no plz plz PLZZZZZZ...... Dont listen to them!!!!! the reason why u shouldnt take a risk and put the cat unconscious is when u put the cat to unconscious there is eframe which will leave u absolutely vulnerable for the smn to make a chance for them to put the flower in ur head which u cant even go back to stealth anymore for the whole 5-10s. Most Pro summoner will put that flower on ur head once u get out of stealth and root u while they move back to the cat position. The best counter build vs summoner is stay as much in stealth as possible and always save ur SS+RnB combo to escape from the flower or using ''C'' to mitigate the time of the flower. Always trying to run away while u are in bad situation im not saying about when u are CC:ed or grappled by the cat cuz if u are in CC:ed, grappled by cat u will absolutely going to die or lose 50%-70% of ur hp so what is bad situation here? ''When the flower is on ur head'', ''When u run out of stealth and dont find the way to go back into stealth'' There is 1 trick when u fight a summoner, and trust me the more u got this trick trigger the more chance u gonna win this fight. ''Try to get out of combat as much as u can'' cuz when u get out of combat u will get 6s free stealth from windwalking Always try to keep the poison up on their body. Why we need to keep poison up? Cuz we need poison for '' Hook Kick'' and ''Shadow Drain'' to go back into stealth, Also poison stack really deal alot of damage to them. Here is 1 example u got 6s for stealth u lightning and throw the boom on them only 2s and for ur 4s stealth what u are doing? u run away make a distance that summoner cant put the flower on ur head and go back to stealth 2-3 dps 3-4s run away and repeat. If u miss to dps them in 2-3s just running away dont be aggressive cuz u always win when time run out.

    Great Thread but to be honest NC is not going to fix anything when they will going balanced around lv 50. But do u know what is difference between good player and great/best player? a good player only played 1,2 class all the time which make them miss the knowledge of others class very much how their skills exactly work. Once the best player have played all the class not just because they want to play a favorite class of the patch but that is they want to be a professional of the game and choice the class that fix them most. I mean if you can take a look at Jaesung (2014 champ) Twitch on Korean server you will see. He have all 9 class maxed out (include warlock/Soul Fighter). Right now i have 2 class maxed, my 3rd is near to lv 45 too. After that i will play for my 4rd to max it out. So Why i want to play so many classes? is that just because i want to play the class of the months? No! its because i love the game and i want to have the knowledge of every others class. PS! 2 max class are assassin and KFM. 3rd BD (played it just cause i want to find their weakness)