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  1. legendary skills and skill tabs ... WTF?!?

    This is the thing i have seen with this game. You really only need one skill page its just for people who want to spend money to help them out for PVP/ PVE to have an extra skill page. My build for a Blade dancer only has me switching 2 skills around to keep me alive in a fight for PVP and when im not in pvp i just put the points back in to the skill i have for PVE/ (some times PVP if vs a assassin because i don't have to worry about them grabbing me) The skill i just switch out was the lightning strike (cant remember what the skill is called right now because i have not touched the game in a few weeks) then the points i remove from lightning strike get put into Reversal so i can fight vs a KFM (leach builds still bull shit), Destroyers grab, and FM/BD (they both use the same skill) just to save my skin from the large combo they can do for a BD (which might i add can drop a Destroyer from 100% down to 30% - 20% hp left) So you really don't need a second skill page its not worth the money to buy them. Only the time its you would need one is if you planning on going competitive and thats it (from my point of view)
  2. Any word on when we can expect the "good" end?

    You are still the hero but you are just more of anti hero, so ya join the dark side leafy you will love it here :P (plus no one likes a goody two shoes *looks at the blue players* "Thats right im looking at you, come join the reds :D we have love and blood!" lol sorry had to put that in there)
  3. No Sell button on Marketplace.

    if you just hit f5 you cant sell things in the open world but you can sell at a bank in towns
  4. How do you counter blind?

    BD just press z if you have them on the ground before doing a wake up spin or draw
  5. Fabric needs a change

    I say just add a guild that allows you to make outfits and get outfits to scrap I think that would be the easiest way to do it because I don't want to spend like 2 hours farming for some outfit that has like a 1% chance (going with my gut) of dropping or spending like 10$ - 20$ on an outfit to just scrap
  6. Gun wielding class in the future?

    we all ready of a brawler type class :P but i would love to see a scythe but meh idc i love my BD ;3
  7. Scenic Shots!

    cant see it bro but here you go
  8. Gun wielding class in the future?

    I don't remember seeing warlocks :P lol sorry had to q.q please forgive me
  9. They are easy to counter as a sin just look for an opening and take it
  10. No problem :D but what even you play is up to you
  11. I would say BD, its been a fun class but the PVP part of it is really up to you. I'm a lightning build so im a Focus heavy char but I can nuke some one from one combo if they don't have their counter up, (not going to say what combo but its not even meant to be a combo but hey it works) but my friend who is a wind says he likes it because of just the raw damage but his damage comes from sunder when my comes from flicker. So it really comes down to what you want to do wind or lightning (plus im like a glass canon so when i lose all my focus im dead or if i don't evade the attacks im dead). But all my friends that play an Sin love it for PVP just because they can stay in stealth for the full time (they found out how idk because i don't play a sin and when i ask they say make a sin get to 45 and then face one of us in a duel and then we will you)
  12. When are the massive KFM buffs coming?

    Then tell that to every KFM i fought in the arena. Every time i fight one its a Counter(Which is easy to beat as a BD) or a leech KFM. and plus i said area as well so you did not take that into play :P
  13. When are the massive KFM buffs coming?

    im talking about the skill that give you life like say for BD the guardian Tempest if you go down the stage 1 side (so just down) you get 10% of your life back. For KFM they get a heal from Flying slam (looking on the BNStree because i don't have a KFM), grapple heals for 3%, secondwind heals 5%, counter heals 50%, tiger strike heals 10% of damage dealt, and shadowdance/footwork because they look like the same thing heals 2% of hp on resist. So they have some skills that basically is like leeching, my friends and i just call it leeching because they gain so much HP in just one combo and using your health to gain theirs back thats leeching. (like i said im using the BNStree because i don't have a KFM so i can look at the skills so names may be off)(and for got to add most are from damage dealt)
  14. When are the massive KFM buffs coming?

    I just think the leech part needs to be nerfed a little. All my clan mates and friends that play the game and fought one in Openworld PVP and 1v1/3v3, they go from 10% hp upto 100% in one combo. I understand that they are a combo based class but really if they can gain 90% of their life back in one combo thats a bit broken in my eyes
  15. Show off your characters!!

    My lyn <3 if i had the wolf skin i would make people guess what type of BD im but idc i like this outfit ;3